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RTI Integrates With Black Nova Keypads

New driver allows 64 ALBA, ARIA, Black Jack, or AXES series keypads to act as control inputs for RTI control systems.

RTI and Black Nova have announced that Black Nova smart design keypads now integrate with the RTI control platform. The integration enables Black Nova ALBA, ARIA, Black Jack, and AXES series keypads to be configured to control and monitor any device connected to an RTI processor.

Black Nova Keypad Integrates with RTI

The new Black Nova driver works with all possible button combinations supported by Black Nova to control lighting, climate, and more, with separate events for Press, Hold, and Release for each button in the keypad. The RTI system can dynamically set the backlight LED state and color. The integration enables controlling and monitoring of any HVAC system connected to an RTI processor, with integer-to-integer value conversion and string-to-integer replacement for HVAC parameter displays.

The new driver is available to authorized RTI dealers at the RTI driver store and directly within the RTI Integration Designer 11 control application programming software.

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