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Environmental Lights Launches Black PCB Strip Light and Black Channel Systems

PCBs and channel systems in black enable strip lights to blend seamlessly into their environment.

Environmental Lights has launched a strip light with black PCBs, as well as black channel systems.

LED strip light with black PCB is designed to provide high-quality lighting that blends seamlessly into dark environments. Black PCB allows users to experience their desired lighting effects without the technology’s hardware becoming a distraction. This is especially impactful in scenic and stage applications where it’s essential that light fixtures be unnoticeable when turned off.

Environmental Lights Black PCB

Black PCB LED strip lights and black channel systems are ideal for stage designs, bars, nightclubs, hotels, home theaters, and more. They offer designers the ability to install their lighting ahead of time yet have it remain nearly invisible until it is turned on.

Environmental Lights offers RGB 5-in-1, Tunable White, and PixelControl LED strip light options with black PCBs. Waterproof versions are also available.

Environmental Lights Black PCB - White Light

LED strip lights with black PCBs are available now at or by calling 888.880.1880. Sales engineers are available to answer questions and assist with specifying the ideal combination of lights, control, and power for projects.

Strip Light with Black PCB Features:

  • Full immersion into their environment
  • DMX controllable
  • RGB 5-in-1 varieties
  • Tunable White varieties
  • PixelControl varieties
  • IP67 waterproof varieties
  • UL Listed
  • RoHS certified
Environmental Lights Black Channel Strip

Black Channel System Features:

  • Black aluminum channel
  • Black frosted diffuser
  • 2-meter segments can be cut to any length
  • Compatible end caps available

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