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Savant Unveils Siri and HomeKit Integration; Smart Soundbar

Savant’s smart sound bar with embedded control software delivers built-in music streaming, Siri control of HomeKit devices, and smart home functionality.

Savant is embedding its Smart Home Software in the Savant Smart Soundbar, bringing Siri Voice command functionality and HomeKit compatibility to the Savant connected home experience.

Combined with Savant’s roster of third-party integration partners, control of HomeKit-compatible devices such as door locks, smart thermostats, light bulbs and more is a voice command away using Siri on an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, HomePod, and now through the native voice button on Savant’s Pro Remote.

Thanks to IP-based integration with Apple TV, Savant users will enjoy intuitive control over media player commands such as and direct access to the Apple TV Home Screen and Now Playing commands. Using the Savant Pro Remote with its voice engine, clients can use push-to-talk voice control via Siri.

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