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URC and GUDE Announce Integration for Smarter Power Distribution

New integration expands energy efficiency and resiliency of AV and IT infrastructures.

URC and GUDE, a German manufacturer of high-quality power and monitoring solutions, have introduced a next-generation integration.

URC and GUDE Integration

The reliable Power Distribution Units (PDU) from GUDE enable switching and controlling of AV technology and IT equipment in smart homes, conference rooms, and digital signage installations. The switched and metered IP power solutions allow for power-cycling media controllers and servers, reducing power consumption of standby appliances and monitoring AV installations.

Integrating across GUDE’s PDU product line, URC products can now automate environments with greater power efficiency and security. In practice, the end user can use URC’s Total Control to switch on, switch off, or reboot devices such as media players, streaming boxes, or routers.

Combining these systems creates a new age of unified, smart commercial and residential control for URC’s customers. Key benefits include:

  • Unified Operation — GUDE PDU devices operate within the Total Control system for secure control and automation.
  • Customization to Match User Preferences — For multiple rooms,  zones, or devices, Total Control’s user experience allows easy adjustment, including power management and usage.
  • Remote, Secure Dealer Access — Within a secure environment, the integration allows dealers remote access (with end-user approval) to troubleshoot, monitor, or adjust.
  • Monitor Power Efficiency — Integrated energy meters in the IP power switches allow for precise measurement of power consumption and enable the exploitation of energy-saving potentials. The result: lower electricity costs and increased sustainability.
  • Power System Resiliency — Power-cycling (reboot) of connected devices helps applications to get back on their feet. This can be accomplished either automatically via monitoring routines or by remote access via URC’s Total Control.

With professional installation, this new integration launches customized scenes where multiple activities occur, such as activating lighting and starting AV devices. This integration occurs at URC user interfaces, like touch screens and remotes.

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