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URC Launches All-In-One Smart Lighting Products

Allows the installer to select either dimmer or switch configuration and easily program to create unique atmospheres.

URC has launched its new all-in-one, combined lighting solution — branded URC Lighting LT-3300. This next generation of smart lighting allows the installer to select either dimmer or switch configuration and easily program to create unique atmospheres for entertaining or quiet family events.

URC Lighting LT-3300 Lifestyle - White

Homeowners can launch customized scenes, receive notifications about their systems, and control intuitive lighting programs. Through URC’s Total Control System, URC Lighting is networked to provide complete integration, allowing scenes like Good Morning, Dinner Party, and Good Night to launch highly customized lighting sequences. URC Lighting devices displays notifications for programmed triggers via a LED light. With a touch, URC Lighting enables smart control and automation across the Total Control system.

URC Lighting’s advanced benefits include:

  • Simple programming to select either dimmer or switch configuration
  • Auto load detection eliminates the need to configure neutral or non-neutral installs (unless using as the accessory device)
  • Built-in configuration button with simple touch scene control
  • Trailing edge, colorful, customizable LED bar for visual notifications
  • Reliable performance and Z-Wave networking
  • Sync across URC Lighting devices for multi-way lighting feedback
  • Robust settings for true customization
  • Self-healing capabilities
  • Remote control through Total Control system
  • Natively programmed within Accelerator software
  • Premium fit and finish — available in 8 colors to fit upscale design
URC Lighting LT-3300 Lifestyle - Black

When combined with URC’s Total Control system, residential customers can take advantage of premium lighting and integration. With eight popular colors, URC Lighting complements any designer environment. Easy color change kits or color paddles allow URC Lighting to create uniquely lit environments.

In order to network its new lighting products, URC created a native gateway, the TRF-ZW10. The TRF-ZW10 is URC’s latest Z-Wave Plus gateway that allows integration of supported lights. Control up to 40 devices per gateway and scale projects with multiple TRF-ZW10. To address security concerns, the TRF-ZW10 uses advanced Z-Wave S2 security encryption.

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