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Binary Debuts BX Line of 8K, 60 Hz HDMI Cables

SnapAV’s leading brand of CI cables designed to deliver maximum performance, value, and longevity.

Binary has announced its new line of BX 8K HDMI Cables. According to Binary product manager Rob Brunett, the new BX 8K HDMI cables combine class-leading capabilities with industry-proven reliability to ensure every integrator can tackle any job.

The new BX 8K HDMI line is designed specifically for custom installers, featuring premium zinc alloy connector heads for added strength and durability, plus GripTek connections that eliminate accidental disconnections by requiring 8 pounds of force to remove the cable from its HDMI port. Each BX cable delivers 8K, 60 Hz video transmission at speeds up to 48 Gbps, with the ability to transmit up to 10K at 30 Hz. The cables are CL2 rated for in-wall use, and feature HDMI Arc and CEC for two-way communication.

“As gaming and video systems continue to push the envelope in terms of graphics and refresh rates, Binary will continue to develop cabling solutions to ensure optimal performance and user experience for custom integration projects,” says Brunett. “Our promise is to provide integrators with value, profit margin and class-leading quality, and BX 8K cables are the latest realization of that promise.”

One of the greatest benefits for dealers is that Binary cables are not sold in stores, so there is no possibility of getting outshopped by clients. As of today, dealers can purchase 0.3m to 3m passive cables, with 4m to 20m active cables becoming available in early 2021.

Binary is a member of the SnapAV family. The full line of BX 8K cables is available for immediate delivery to all U.S., Europe, Australia, and New Zealand SnapAV integrators.

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