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EnGenius Launches Smart Tri-Band Router

Company promises solid connections even for bandwidth-demanding online gaming.

EnGenius Technologies Inc. has announced the ESR580, which is the company’s latest consumer tri-band smart mesh router. The new member of the EnGenius family delivers price-performance mesh networking value to both entry-level IoT consumers and seasoned technology enthusiasts who demand all connected home devices have the highest-performance bandwidth. According to the manufacturer, the ESR580 overcomes common challenges such as providing a stable internet connection to remote parts of any house such as basements, garages, yards, and lofts.

Backed by a reliable tri-band technology, the ESR580 provides a dedicated band for backhaul (network backbone connection). The ESR580 streams uninterrupted 4K video and provides a solid broadband connection that elevates even the most bandwidth-demanding online gaming experience on consoles, Macs, and PCs.

The EnGenius ESR580 is equipped with MU-MIMO technology that enhances communication within the network. The device features a 360-degree high-performance antenna and rapid roaming capabilities enable consumers to move from room to room with no network interruptions.

The “smart” in the smart router solution not only optimizes wireless connectivity through smart mesh technology, but also expands on typical router functionality, giving users a free and secure private cloud solution. Easily connect an external hard drive to the ESR580 and the EnFile app lets users safely access documents, photos, music, and video files from anywhere.

The ESR580 comes in a pack of two (MSRP $249.99) and can easily expand to meet any homes needs with additional ESR580 single packs for MSRP $129.99.

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