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Nice Launches Smart Garage Door Opener and New Mobile Application

Offers more integrated and smart remote management capabilities for end users.

Nice has announced the launch of the Nice Linear 661 Garage Door Opener (GDO) and all-new Nice G.O. mobile app, introducing more integrated and smart remote management capabilities for end users and pre-installed battery backup that enables simplified installation for dealers. Homeowners can now turn any garage into a smart garage with the Nice Linear 661 and Nice G.O. smart app, promoting extended convenience and peace of mind at their fingertips.

Nice Linear 661 Garage Door Opener

Nice Linear 661 Garage Door Opener

Nice combines its RF expertise from Linear with new installer-friendly features and robust partner support.  With the 661, dealers are now able to offer features homeowners demand – including smart app control, an Eco-friendly modern design, and more. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity makes for a seamless set up with pairing and automatic updates, which minimizes service requirements. The 661 comes with a pre-installed battery and integrates LED lighting for optimal energy efficiency and longer battery life. A self-diagnostic system provides homeowners with real-time alerts and updates through the Nice G.O. app, ensuring timely troubleshooting for continued operation. The 661 operates residential sectional doors up to 8 feet high and 350 pounds.

Nice G.O. Mobile App

Nice G.O. Mobile App

The mobile application features real-time notifications and remote management of any garage door from a mobile device. With the app, users can customize access and permissions for up to 10 users. For those seeking a more automated experience, the single application allows users to schedule operations and timers for their doors and lights, offering enhanced security while residents are away.

The Nice G.O. Mobile App is currently available in the Apple App and Google Play stores. The Nice Linear 661 Garage Door opener will be available in limited quantities beginning early Summer 2024.

Convergence of Linear

The Nice Linear 661 Garage Door opener is the inaugural Nice branded GDO product as the company begins the transition of the Linear Access and Surveillance brand this year. From its foundation in the 1960s, Linear was a pioneer not only in the GDO space, but also access control. The brand became a common name in the industry and can be found in millions of homes across North America. The rich history of the company and brand also served as an inspiration for the founding and rise of Nice.

“Converging such a long and storied history into our continually growing organization while also injecting new innovation into the business and product lines is incredibly exciting,” says Mark Owen Burson, CMO at Nice North America. “The name ‘Nice Linear 661’ pays homage to this pioneering legacy and will be the first in a series of GDO’s bearing the historic name under the Nice brand. And the Nice G.O. mobile app will be a gamechanger as it is expanded across door and gate products and incorporated into smart home systems.”

Nice plans to conduct the rebrand in phases across garage door, gate, and access control as it continues to strengthen the company’s offerings in home and building management solutions.

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