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Tech Showcase – 2024 Residential Systems Picks Awards Winners

Learn more about the products that took home this year’s prizes.

2024 Residential Systems Picks Awards Logo

As we do each year, the staff at Residential Systems has named their Picks Awards winners for CES 2024. Only products that were submitted to the awards program were eligible to win; entries were judged based on their potential impact on the custom installation industry.

Here are the Residential Systems Picks Awards winners for CES 2024:

Hailo-15 AI Vision Processors

Hailo-15 AI Vision Processors

The Hailo-15 family of high-performance vision processors sets a new standard for intelligent smart home cameras with the world’s highest in-camera AI capacity, enabling both AI-powered video enhancement and advanced AI video analytics. With Hailo-15 performing AI directly in security and home assistance systems, homeowners can more accurately monitor their properties, quickly detect situations, and automate the appropriate response. When embedded into home surveillance cameras, Hailo-15 can identify visitors, track specific objects both indoors and outdoors, and alert homeowners of animals, people, or cars approaching the home.

The Hailo-15 family also offers increased privacy by preventing streaming of personal data to the cloud. All processing can be done locally, and if the user would like to store data for later, they can first anonymize it locally to protect their privacy.

Hisense 110UX

Hisense 110UX 110-Inch LED TV

The Hisense 110UX boasts over 40,000 backlight zones on a massive 110-inch screen. The utilization of 24V high-output Mini LED technology takes brightness to new heights, reaching 10,000 nits. This innovation not only elevates contrast, but also expands the dynamic range, providing viewers with a visually stunning experience. In terms of color reproduction, the 110UX achieves an industry benchmark 95 percent of the BT.2020 color palette. This accomplishment is attributed to the incorporation of new panel materials and advanced Quantum Dot technology by Hisense engineers. The result is a display that presents colors in their full vibrancy. The ultra-low, anti-glare films and a meticulously designed internal panel structure further contribute to exceptional clarity, with a mere 1.28 percent reflectance rate, ensuring minimal disruptions from ambient lighting. Additionally, STW2.0 wide-angle film technology minimizes backlight leakage, halos, and color-shift issues.

Powering the 110UX is Hisense’s newly developed X-Chipset, equipped with AI-powered picture quality features like AI Contrast and AI Depth. This intelligent chip recognizes scenes and content, making real-time adjustments for a clearer, more immersive, and captivating display effect.

Lockly Visage Smart Lock

Lockly Visage Smart Lock

The Lockly Visage Smart Lock expands into a new stage of smart home security featuring advanced facial recognition technology for hands-free, “approach-to-open” entry. The Lockly Visage is at the forefront of smart home integration, allowing multiple smart home platforms support, including Apple HomeKey and Apple Home App, as well as Matter certifications to come in 2024.

The Lockly Visage Smart Lock offers various convenient and secure features. Users can unlock the potential of keyless entry with a patented, hack-proof PIN Genie keypad that thwarts key code theft, generating and storing access codes for each member of the family with unique profiles and permissions. Lockly Mobile App control enables users to unlock the door by tapping it with an iPhone, Apple Watch, or using Siri voice commands.

Eliminating the need for additional external hubs or equipment, the built-in Wi-Fi functionality provides access from anywhere in the world via the Lockly mobile app. The Visage Smart Lock ensures fast, secure access and empowers property owners with advanced capabilities such as remote management, activity tracking, and user profiles managed through the Lockly Mobile App, allowing oversight of permissions regardless of geographic location.

Nice HR40 Multifunction Smart Home Remote

Nice HR40 Multifunction Smart Home Remote

The Nice HR40 Multifunction Smart Home Remote, also a CES 2024 Innovation Award Honoree, is a key component to interact with whole home automation systems from any room in the home. Its full-fledged control interface offers surveillance viewing from its 3.1-inch high-resolution touchscreen display, so users can access live and recorded footage. It enables users to answer video doorbells, view surveillance cameras, communicate with other interfaces — including other HR40 remotes, touch panels, mobile devices, or PC viewers — using two-way intercom, and control entertainment, lighting, climate, security, sun shades, and more. With a solid aluminium body and glass touchscreen, the HR40 is a seamless extension of the Nice Home Management system interface, with fully customizable features to enable a personalized experience for every user.

Sun Shades by Nice

Nice Sun Shades by Nice

Sun Shades by Nice offer more design choices with the same simple, flexible integration installers have come to love. The custom roller shade line offers attractive smart shading solutions with advanced electronics, which can be integrated into a project during any stage of the building process. Sun Shades by Nice provide a wide range of design options with a simple, flexible integration for a truly seamless smart home solution. They are powered by the ultra-quiet and durable Nice tubular motors, which offer high reliability, adjustable motor speed, and can uniquely detect objects in both up and down directions. The Nice tubular motors come in a wide variety including AC, DC, and battery, as well as both wired and RF. When paired with a Nice Home Management System, the discovery and setup functionality in the Nice Configurator application delivers a time-saving setup.

Nobi Ceiling

Nobi Ceiling

The Nobi Ceiling is a ceiling-mounted version of Nobi’s AI-powered Smart Lamps that detect and prevent falls and monitor health and activity patterns, significantly improving the safety and well-being of older adults. The Nobi Ceiling offers the same combination of elegant design and cutting-edge AI technology Nobi is known for, ensuring older adults can age independently and with dignity.

Nobi Ceiling is designed for living rooms and bedrooms and is offered in two colors: desert and slate. It features two-way audio capabilities along with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity to enable connection with peripheral devices, the outside world, and communication between lamps. It can be integrated with existing systems and smart devices. For example, care staff can be called through their existing call system whenever Nobi detects a fall. Connecting smart devices such as blood pressure monitors and scales will ensure automatic, more efficient patient data administration. This way, caregivers will save valuable time that they can spend on even more tailored preventive care.

Nobi utilizes optical sensors and advanced AI technology to achieve a 100-percent fall-detection rate. Within just 30 seconds of a fall, Nobi will automatically notify family or care staff for prompt assistance.

Reolink Duo 3 PoE

Reolink Duo 3 PoE Dual-Lens Camera

As the third generation of the Reolink Duo Series dual-lens camera, Duo 3 PoE has further optimized the dual-image stitching algorithm, achieving a seamless blend of images from each lens, minimizing distortion issues commonly seen in single-lens panoramic cameras. Moreover, Duo 3 PoE integrates 16MP UHD image quality and 4-Core SoC Processing, ensuring the finest details can be captured while the extensive area is covered.

Unlike the traditional smart camera that only records at the first second a motion is detected, Duo 3 PoE also captures and overlays images of detected objects at different times and merges them into one, thus illuminating the target’s movement within the detection area. This means users no longer need to review an entire event recording video to grasp the target’s actions because a single image can provide all the necessary information.

Featuring next-level 16MP resolution, Duo 3 PoE delivers clearer-than-ever video quality for live viewing and playback. This feature becomes especially advantageous when monitoring expansive areas or zooming in on distant subjects, ensuring clarity for users to check intruders’ facial details or plate numbers at a distance.

Samsung 85 Class Neo QLED 8K (QN900D)

Samsung 85-inch Class Neo QLED 8K TV

The 85-inch Class Samsung Neo QLED 8K (QN900D) delivers mind-blowing sound, brilliant picture quality, and an enhanced design. It’s built with advanced new features like 8K AI Upscaling Pro, AI Motion Enhancer Pro, a new Infinity Air Stand, Now+, and more. For the first time, the QN900D can upscale even SD/HD content into 4K-like resolution, and 4K content into 8K with 8K AI Upscaling Pro. Plus, new AI Motion Enhancer Pro can analyze what sport you’re watching and help you track the specific kind of ball with crystal clarity. You can actually see the ball as it zips across the screen. And, Real Depth Enhancer Pro maximizes Mini LED control so you get enhanced contrast that makes content come alive, even in fast scenes with lots of movement – like car racing.

To further remove distractions, the QN900D boasts a redesigned One Connect Box with a compact U-shaped module with two ports in the back, completely invisible to viewers. That means you can connect your cable, satellite box, or video game system to the TV without unsightly wires. Its Slim Flat Back design helps you mount the TV against the wall — while its new Infinity Air Stand is made of ultra-slim and premium metal, sporting a mirror-like finish that makes the TV look like it’s floating.

Samsung The Premiere 8K

Samsung The Premiere 8K

According to Samsung, The Premiere 8K is the world’s first 8K projector with wireless connectivity — thanks to a new Wireless One Connect Box that transmits your content to the projector within 10 meters of the viewing area. Plus, it’s the first to offer a 100-watt output, Dolby Atmos, and Sound-on-Screen technology creating theater-like sound, right in your home. You can use The Premiere 8K to project up to 150 inches. The Premiere 8K delivers immersive picture quality in high resolution, with an AI upscaling engine that can transform 4K content to 8K. With 4000-lumen auto-brightness and triple-laser light, you can experience crisp-color immersion even in daylight.

The Premiere 8K uniquely features Wireless One Connect, giving you the freedom to configure your space and hook up peripheral devices, like a game console, without messy and complex wiring. It can be placed virtually anywhere, blending into the room with a premium design that features a lens cap and metal, wood and rounded corner finishes. It can project 150 inches from just 12 inches from the wall, compared to roughly 5 meters needed for conventional models.

The Premiere 8K offers new Lightwarp, turning any object in the room into an interactive display surface. This marks the first time Projection Mapping is offered outside a professional setting — and in a responsive way. With Lightwarp, you can project any content on your surface and even create a customizable dashboard with widgets, like a clock or the weather. This opens up a world of creative possibility, and transforms any room into a 3D canvas.

SKYX Platforms

SKYX All-in-One Smart Platform

SKYX Platforms Corp. All-In-One Smart Platform technology enables new and existing homes to become smart instantly. The All-In-One Smart Platform technology product is installed to the ceiling within seconds through its patented sky ceiling plug-in outlet. Features include smart control via the SkyHome App, which manages on/off control, dimming, scheduling, grouping, shortcuts, music, lighting controls, room color changing ambiance, night light and more. It also includes voice control through Siri, Alexa, Google, Cortana, SmartThings, and others. It is also a smart smoke and CO detector that alerts users with a loud alarm and light and sends notifications through the SkyHome app.

The All-In-One Smart Platform inclues a premium smart speaker, a Wi-Fi repeater, and an emergency backup light that provides illumination during power outages. The emergency internet and 911 calling features ensure uninterrupted connectivity and immediate access to emergency services during critical situations, providing an essential safety net, allowing users to call for help even in the event of an emergency.

Swann Security MaxRanger4K Solar Wireless Camera

Swann Security MaxRanger4K Solar Wireless Camera

The Swann Security MaxRanger4K solar wireless camera offers a first-of-its-kind 900 MHz “HaLow” long-range Wi-Fi technology connects up to two miles — 100 times the coverage of most cameras. Set and forget in minutes with environmentally friendly built-in solar panels. Know what’s happening and trigger recording with AI person, vehicle, heat, and motion detection. See every detail in 4K color, day and night, with Sony Starvis sensors. Continuous operation for up to five hours in a power outage with lithium battery in Hub. Prevent crime with 2-way audio, sensor spotlights, sirens, and more. Designed for hard-to-get-to positions — perimeter fences, farms, fuel tanks, parking lots, warehouses, large homes, businesses, and more. Available with three or four cameras and a hub.

THX Interconnect home theater cables

THX Interconnect Home Theater Cables

THX Interconnect Ultra High Speed HDMI cables are the leading-edge innovation in home theater cables. Designed for all custom installers and home theater enthusiasts who want assurance that the picture and sound they’re experiencing are of the highest quality and will operate their AV system setup for the long haul with reliability and total fidelity. Starting at $39.99 for the shorter length, getting reliable high-fidelity connections has never been easier. THX Interconnect cables guarantee uncompressed 48Gbps signal delivery and total HDMI 2.1 transport functionality.

The home theater cables offer full HDMI 2.1 functionality that ensures all home theater components provide consumers with the highest level of system reliability and overall performance. This line cables in a variety of lengths, ranging from 0.5m to 5m (Copper) and 7.6m to 15m (Fiber Optic), allows home theater enthusiasts to enjoy a complete premium audio-video entertainment experience whether they have an intimate family-size home theater or a large private cinema space.

Victrola Hi-Res Carbon

Victrola Hi-Res Carbon

Elevate your audio journey with the Victrola Hi-Res Carbon — where modern design meets timeless sound. Go wireless with the best-in-class aptX Adaptive Bluetooth supported connectivity or analog with a switchable preamp and standard RCA outs, allowing users the ability to listen to vinyl records with stunning clarity no matter their audio setup.

Victrola Hi-Res Carbon’s aptX Adaptive and HD Audio support provides built-in high-res Bluetooth audio transmission to compatible speakers and headphones and is fully backward compatible with all Bluetooth listening devices. The gold-plated RCA ports for wired listening can be used for self-powered speakers thanks to the built-in internal preamp, or users can bypass the preamp if they have a more premium sound system they are connecting to. Switching between wired and Bluetooth is simply a single-button push away.



The HORIZON Max IMAX Enhanced 4K smart long-throw projector uses the company’s updated dual-light technology system that has a triple laser, ISA 5.0 (Intelligent Screen Adaptation) technology, and a smart, fully automated motorized gimbal.

XGIMI’s new ISA 5.0 technology uses hardware and software enhancements to introduce a paradigm shift in smart projector engineering. Through its exclusive, fully automated motorized gimbal, HORIZON Max goes beyond traditional projection systems by automatically locating the best projection positioning on the wall, and intelligently remembering settings for specific walls. Users can use the HORIZON Max for gaming on one side of the room and enjoy movies on the other, and the projector will seamlessly transition when moved between walls, automatically adapting its software and hardware settings to optimize the experience for each activity. This new feature offers users more control and flexibility over the projected image and content. Furthermore, integrating 3D ToF in ISA 5.0 enhances HORIZON Max’s ability to swiftly detect the surrounding space, enabling users to find the optimal projection spot effortlessly. This alleviates the usual hassles associated with traditional projectors, offering the most seamless and user-friendly experience.