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Netgear Introduces 24-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged PoE+ Switches

Offer high PoE power budgets on an unmanaged gigabit Ethernet switch at 190W and 380W.

Netgear, Inc. has introduced what the company calls the first high-power unmanaged gigabit Ethernet 24-port PoE+ switches on the market with “PoE Power Auto-Balance and Allocation.”

Netgear gs324p

The Netgear GS324P 24-port gigabit Ethernet unmanaged PoE+ switch provides 190W PoE budget across and 16 ports PoE+ with an additional 8 non-PoE ports. The new GS324PP 24-port gigabit Ethernet unmanaged high-power PoE+ switch has a 380W PoE power budget across all 24 ports to connect to your existing core network. Netgear’s “PoE Power Auto-Balance and Allocation” PoE technology automatically balances the PoE power allocated to each port based on the device needs independent of PoE class detected, ensuring optimal power allocation and energy efficiency across PoE ports.

The global PoE market is expected to offer significant growth in the coming years as widespread adoption of IP telephony and increasing demand for network security cameras are projected to drive industry demand. The current list of common business tools that are now capable of leveraging PoE is extensive and includes items such as VoIP phones, IP security cameras, wireless access points, proximity sensors, door locks, and other IoT devices. Wave 2 802.3ac wireless access points and pan-tilt-zoom cameras offer features such as night vision, built-in motion tracking, and HD options, which also require PoE+ power (802.3at), increasing the power demands from the PoE supplying switch.

The GS324PP and GS324P gigabit Ethernet PoE+ unmanaged switches includes a 3-year Hardware Warranty and 90 days free technical support.

The GS324PP and GS324P are now available worldwide for a manufacturer’s advertised price of $329.99 USD and $249.99 USD, respectively.

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