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SnapAV Introduces Newly Redesigned HDMI Cables

Binary HDMI cables deliver up to 4K at 60 Hz and HDR with improved strength and zero USB power required.

SnapAV Binary HDMI Cables

Binary, SnapAV’s exclusive media distribution brand, has released its all-new line of redesigned HDMI cables, designed to deliver up to 4K@60 Hz and HDR with formidable pull and bend strength. With reinforced strength at the cable head, and power independent of a USB source, dealers get a reliable cable that provides convenience.

Binary offers four versions of its HDMI cable. The B4 cable supports 4K at 10.2 Gbps and 30 Hz in 0.3m to 7.5m lengths. The B6 is Premium Certified and supports Ultra HD 4K at 18 Gbps and 60 Hz in 0.3m to 7.5m lengths. The B6 Active supports 4K Ultra HD with HDR at 18 Gbps and 60 Hz in 10 to 20m lengths, and 10.2 Gbps and 30 Hz in 25 and 30m lengths. And lastly, the B8 Active uses fiber optics to support 4K Ultra HD with HDR at 18 Gbps and 60 Hz, along with full delivery of HDMI 2.0b, at 20-50m lengths.

In addition to these features, Binary B6A and B8 fiber optic active HDMI cables no longer require external USB power. Via an enhanced and more efficient chipset, these cables pull all the power they need through the source.

SnapAV Binary HDMI Cables

Furthermore, Binary HDMI cables now feature reinforced strength at the cable head, which is the most common point of failure in HDMI cables. This allows dealers to work confidently in tight spaces, knowing the demands of the end-users desired media setup can be met.

Binary now offers a redesigned Truck Pack for its B4 and B6 cables. Designed for standard van shelving, Binary Truck Packs offer a convenient handle, a large opening, and clear labeling, keeping inventory organized and the right cable easily accessible. And with reinforced cardboard, they’ll survive the toughest installs.

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