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Sommer Introduces HI-HOIC Micro HDMI Fiberoptic Cable

Dovetail end connection allows it to be threaded and then terminated with a snap-on, full-size HDMI connector.

Sommer Cable has introduced its new HI-HOIC Micro HDMI fiber-optic cable. The special dovetail end connection allows the 4mm HDMI cable with a micro connection to be threaded and then terminated with a snap-on, full-size HDMI connector. This HDMI installation via fiber-optic technology results in long-distance video and audio signal transmission with a performance of 18 Gbit/s (HI-HOIC)

Sommer HDMI Cable

The HI-HOIC AOC Install connection cable pictured above uses a high-performance fiber-optic construction in a highflex jacket and is equipped with all-metal connectors from Sommer cable’s own HICON brand together with a high-quality chipset made in Germany. Due to its compact diameter of only 4 mm (0.16 in.), the cable can be laid almost anywhere. The optical transmission of the high-speed data works reliably and is also suitable for use in RF-exposed environments.

Convenient (uni-directional) pulling through empty pipes and cable ducts is guaranteed by the super compact micro HDMI D-type connector on the sink side (monitor, beamer, TV). The supplied clip-on pulling device (13.7 x 10.14 mm / 0.54 x 0.4 in.) gives extra protection to the connector and allows a safe and easy installation. Afterwards the micro HDMI can be converted to the type-A HDMI standard by means of an interlocking precision adapter attachment with a dovetail guide.

It is downward compatible and supports all previous HDMI formats and standards.

Included is an optional USB voltage feed-in adapter, but due to the low current drain of the chipset, the company says it is rarely needed. For mobile applications in high-end home cinemas or for larger gaming setups, the company also offers the 48 Gbit/s HDMI cable variant HI-HO48.

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