Denon, Marantz Add Auro-3D Surround to Select Components

Auro Firmware Upgrade Available to Complement Dolby Atmos, DTS:X Surround
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D+M Group is making Auro-3D surround processing available for the first time as a $200 firmware upgrade available today for four high-end networked audio components from Denon and Marantz.

The components consist of two Denon audio/video receivers (AVRs) – the AVR-X4200W and the AVR-X6200W – plus two Marantz components. The Marantz products receiving the upgrade are the SR7000 AVR and the AV7702mkII preamp surround processor.

The Marantz components and the Denon AVR support Auro-3D surround in up to 10.1-channel speaker configurations, while the Denon AVR supports Auro-3D in up to 9.1 channels. All four D+M components also feature Dolby Atmos and are upgradable to DTS:X surround with a free firmware upgrade that is already available.

D+M said the Dolby AtmosDTS:X and Auro-3D surround formats are compatible with the following configuration of height speakers: two height speakers high up near the ceiling above the main left-right speakers, plus two back-height speakers on the wall near the ceiling. The D+M components will drive the four height speakers plus a traditional 5.1-speaker surround-sound speaker layout. Three of the four components also support Auro’s optional in-ceiling “Voice of God” speaker.

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