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Dirac Research to Debut Multi-Subwoofer Dirac Live Bass Management Module at CES 2019

Bass Management is the first in a series of “module” add-ons that expand the functionality of Dirac Live.

Dirac Research has announced its all-new Dirac Live Bass Management Module that improves bass performance and provides the most sophisticated, easy-to-use multi-subwoofer optimization solution for both consumers and professional technology integrators, according to the company. Dirac will debut the new module at CES 2019 in Dirac’s Westgate Suite #630.

The new Dirac Live Bass Management Module leverages the mathematical models and processing algorithms, helping save time by offering predictive results analysis and letting users see a visual representation of the predicted bass performance without having to run repeated audible tests.

Dirac Live Bass Management, the company continues, ensures that subwoofers deliver a specific range of frequencies that produce a smoother, tighter bass experience, while creating optimal sound reproduction for each specific room. Traditionally, this required repeated time-consuming audio tests and location adjustments for one or multiple subwoofers.

Dirac Live Bass Management also offers potential savings for consumers who can now achieve enhanced bass performance from a single subwoofer, and therefore do not need to invest in a second device.

Dirac Live Bass Management Module will launch in three tiers aimed at specific market segments. Tier 1 allows management of any number of subwoofers, analyzing each one to create a single-optimized sub channel that drives each subwoofer. It also enables precise control of frequency cutoffs for all speakers. Tier 2 offers advanced setup for a single subwoofer, while also providing control over parameters and applying frequency filters to all speakers based on measurements. Tier 3 is a free module for all current Dirac Live customers and OEMs, permitting standard bass management with the added benefit of predictive results.

Dirac Live Bass Management is scheduled for release in Q2 2019 and is the first module to be introduced for the new Dirac Live. Dirac Live modules will be introduced on a yearly basis and will allow users to customize their home theater software system based on one’s specific requirements and preferences. The new Dirac Live, whose beta was released at CEDIA 2018, is now available and compatible with units from Arcam, AudioControl, Bryston, Lexicon, NAD, and StormAudio.

The new Dirac Live and Dirac Live Bass Management Module will be available for demo at CES 2019 at the company’s Westgate Suite #630.

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