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Electric Mirror Shows Savvy Home SmartMirror at CEDIA

Hospitality-grade smart mirror technology now available to the residential market.

Electric Mirror is set to debut the Savvy Home SmartMirror, the residential counterpart to its hospitality smart mirror, at CEDIA Expo.

With Savvy, consumers can check the time, the weather, and the traffic; review their email, their schedule, and their account balances; get updates on the news, their friends and their health; enjoy their favorite music, movies, and sports; and even control their lights, their thermostat, and their security system.

Savvy lets users download virtually any Android app. From home automation leaders like Nest and Control 4, to social media mainstays such as Twitter and Instagram, to music and entertainment favorites like Spotify and Netflix, homeowners can install as many apps as they’d like, and link their favorites to the Savvy dashboard icons so they’re never more than a touch away.

Unlike other smart mirrors that present a clutter of information on a large display that can interfere with using the mirror, Savvy lets the user link their favorite apps to tiles on the home dashboard that are easy to interact with across the depth of a vanity counter. Consumers can call up the app they want when they want it, without taking up the entire mirror.

Another benefit of Savvy is that it can be configured for virtually any room in the house — a bathroom, office, living area or even the entry. Consumers can choose a back-lit or non-lit mirror. Choose the size that best fits their space. Choose a horizontal or vertical orientation. Even choose the lighting pattern.

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