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Elexa Consumer Products Launches Z-Wave Products at CEDIA 2016

Elexa Consumer Products debuted its Dome Home Automation line of Z-Wave products to the US market at CEDIA 2016.

Elexa Consumer Products debuted its Dome Home Automation line of Z-Wave products to the US market at CEDIA 2016.

Dome’s line of Z-Wave products was created to provide superior quality home automation devices at an affordable price. Their versatile devices are designed to integrate with other Z-Wave products, enabling homeowners to create a custom smart home experience. Dome’s products have been tested to work reliably with SmartThings, Vera, Staples Connect, HomeSeer, URC, Nexia, and more.

“With Dome, we had a chance to create a fresh perspective for Z-Wave products. We wanted to create products that would be super simple for the end consumer, yet still add convenience and comfort to their daily lives. So that’s exactly what we did,” said Matthew Cwiokowski, director of Home Automation at Elexa Consumer Products. “We’re very excited to see what’s to come, both at CEDIA and moving forward with our home automation product suite.”

Dome Home Automation’s suite of Z-Wave products includes the following:

Door/Window Sensor: By monitoring your doors and windows, Dome can alert you in real-time for security issues or inform you if the garage door is left open. The sensor features an elegant, miniature design that utilizes the smallest magnet on the market to fit within a standard doorframe. A new breakthrough in Z-Wave technology, Dome’s door sensor doubles the normal wireless Z-Wave range and has a battery life of over 10 years.

Leak Sensor: Avoid water damage by receiving an alert whenever a water leak is detected. From basements to bathrooms to sump pumps, the wireless smart leak sensor can be installed anywhere. The low profile design allows the sensor to fit in limited depth areas, and it comes with a 4-foot long remote sensor that can go in hard-to-reach areas.

Motion Detector: The Z-Wave motion detector identifies movement inside your home and responds intelligently by sending alerts, triggering lighting, or setting off alarms. With a built-in light sensor for controlling lighting scenes and innovative magnet mount for convenient placement anywhere, the Dome motion detector is designed with versatility in mind.

On/Off Plug: Monitor energy consumption of connected devices with this small yet powerful plug. The smart plug can control when lamps and small appliances are turned on and off.

Alarm Siren: This wireless alarm can be installed anywhere, providing customizable alerts and notifications. The smart alarm has a 3-year battery life and can be integrated with many different Z-Wave hubs.

Water Main Shut Off: Automatically shut off water in the event of a water leak, mitigating water damage before it has a chance to impact your home. There’s no need to call a plumber to install the shut-off valve. With the valve’s retrofittable design, all you need is a screwdriver.

Mouser: The first Z-Wave mousetrap to be sold commercially, this smart device humanely eliminates mice and other rodents. The trap uses electricity to instantly neutralize rodents, and then notifies you when it needs to be emptied.