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FIBBR Announces ISF Certified 4K AOC Cables, Preview 8K Cable at CEDIA 2017

First-time CEDIA exhibitor FIBBR’s UltraPro 4K cable is certified by the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) for 18Gbps transmission.

First-time CEDIA exhibitor FIBBR’s UltraPro 4K cable is certified by the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) for 18Gbps transmission. Launching at CEDIA 2017, the new 4K AOC HDMI cable is built to easily, safely and reliably deliver the 18Gbps bandwidth necessary for today’s 4K and HDR content over long distances of up to 50 meters for residential use (up to 200 meters available by special request).

“The true cost of this next wave of video media innovation is bandwidth,” said the ISF’s founder, Joel Silver. “It’s visually superior to anything we’ve had previously, with color-rich images and stunning clarity. After seeing catastrophic failures in the field, we realized the need for certification. Our ISF-trained installers deserve the confidence to know that they are working with reliable products that can support the current demanding standards. Our certification process involves robust field-testing in addition to lab tests. We are confident that the products we certify remain reliable through rigorous field conditions.”

In Booth 843, FIBBR will also offer CEDIA attendees a preview of the world’s first 56Gbps 8K-HDR HDMI cable — the Ultra 8K — at a length of 50 meters.

FIBBR’s AOC cables are made with the high-quality glass fiber that is available exclusively from YOFC, the world’s largest fiber producer. They feature proprietary BendRobust technology, which provides the ultimate bending capability — a bend diameter of less than 2mm — to offer incredible installation flexibility and ensure uninterrupted transmission of signals.

FIBBR AOCs are slim and flexible, yet strong and extremely lightweight — 60 percent lighter than traditional cabling. These advantages are critical in protecting valuable connected hardware devices from potential harm caused by heavy cables putting undue stress on delicate connectors. 

FIBBR’s AOCs provide extra ease of use by regenerating the power received from AC coupling, eliminating the need for an additional power supply at the signal-display end. 

Because AOCs transmit data via light, they are single-directional. FIBBR AOCs ensure trouble-free installation with clearly labeled Source and Display ends. A SmartLED indicator on the Source connector confirms proper connection and operation status, while a FlashLED on the Display connector provides lighting—always handy in super-dark spaces.

Visit Booth 843 to register to win a 15-meter, ISF-Certified UltraPro cable. FIBBR will give away one 15m cable each day of CEDIA.