Focal Launches SIB EVO Line Featuring Dolby Atmos

Home Cinema System Allows for Dolby Atmos Integration without Complete Reinstall
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Focal, a French speaker and headphone manufacturer, has unveiled the company’s latest generation of Sib loudspeakers with the Sib Evo line featuring Dolby Atmos technology.

Sib Evo is a two-way bass-reflex satellite loudspeaker equipped with a 5-inch Polyflex woofer and a 1-inch silk dome tweeter. The Sib Evo system is comprised of a traditional loudspeaker (Sib Evo), a second loudspeaker featuring an Atmos-enabled speaker driver (Sib Evo Dolby Atmo) and an active subwoofer (Cub Evo or Cub3). This range of loudspeakers comprises a complete Home Cinema system of satellite loudspeakers and an active subwoofer. The Sib Evo Dolby Atmos system is also available as a 2.0 pack, so it can be used to upgrade a 5.1 system to a 5.1.2 system without having to change all loudspeakers.

“The Sib Evo Dolby Atmos loudspeaker is the second generation of Focal’s iconic Sib range that launched in 2002, and keeps in line with the design codes of the range with a style that is futurist, but timeless,” said Ben Jensen, president of Focal North America. “Our Sib range of compact loudspeakers has been a reference in the home cinema universe since its launch in 2002. It became the go-to system in the 5.1 Home Cinema sector with its timeless design which has set the trend for nearly two decades.”

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In addition to the standard speaker driver, the second satellite loudspeaker Sib Evo Dolby Atmos features a 3-inch full-range one-way Polyflex speaker driver dedicated to reproducing the Atmos effects. Sib Evo Dolby Atmos was designed with more rear volume than the Sib Evo to give it even more extended frequency response. The sound rendering is suitable for Home Cinema systems as well as for stereo systems.

In an effort to offer a complete cinematic experience, Focal first entered the home theater market with a solution combining Dôme Flax, a compact loudspeaker, with its ICW built-in loudspeakers. This 5.1.2 system recreated Dolby Atmos sound by reproducing both vertical and horizontal effects.

Focal chose to expand its range of Home Cinema products by providing an extra feature: the two-in-one Atmos enabled loudspeaker. This 'enabled loudspeaker' was designed to reproduce both horizontal and vertical waves (towards the ceiling). The major innovation of this technology lies in the Atmos effect, the reflection of sound waves off the ceiling towards the listener using an extra speaker driver. This Atmos-enabled loudspeaker is equipped with a front-firing speaker driver as well as an additional full-range speaker driver integrated into the top.

Focal’s Sib Evo products will be available August 2017.