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Fusion Adds Tidal to Ovation & Play-Fi Music Servers

Fusion Research now provides access to the lossless streaming music service Tidal through its music servers, Ovation and Play-FI.

Fusion Research, a manufacturer of multi-source music servers has announced the addition of the Tidal lossless streaming music service for their Ovation and Play-Fi music servers.

“Ever since signing our agreement with Tidal last summer, we have looked forward to bringing this service to our dealers,” said Ingo Schmoldt, VP of sales, Fusion Research. “Especially with the focus on high resolution audio and adding DTS Play-Fi to our product lineup, Tidal should be a very attractive option for our customers.

Tidal is available in two levels for as little as $8.49 a month for Premium or $16.99 for its HiFi service. Dealers may remotely add the Tidal’s service to their client’s systems and depending on which control system they are using, it will either pop up automatically or they can program it into their projects.

Fusion’s music servers start at under $500 for an audiophile-quality single source server or under $1000 for a 6 source Play-Fi Server, with ability to access many of the top streaming apps as well as synchronize their client’s iTunes accounts and support high resolution music file formats.

For more information or dealer pricing, visit their website here or call 925.217.1233