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CES 2024: DTS Play-Fi Focuses on Smart TVs; Adds Partners

Philips TVs receive Play-Fi Immersive Home Theater update, allowing consumers to experience wireless spatial audio.

At CES 2024, DTS, a wholly owned subsidiary of Xperi, demonstrated its commitment to connecting consumers to immersive entertainment through its DTS Play-Fi technology. Over the past year, DTS has made major progress in adding new partners to its Play-Fi ecosystem.

An honoree of the 2024 CES Innovation Award in the Content and Entertainment category, DTS Play-Fi Immersive Home Theater is a whole-home wireless solution that supports up to 12 channels of distinct sound for higher-fidelity listening. Playback of immersive sound formats like DTS:X, Dolby Atmos, and IMAX Enhanced from DTS Play-Fi compatible TVs is supported for discrete speaker layouts, up to 7.2.4 channels.

DTS Play-Fi on a Smart TV

DTS Play-Fi has expanded support into the smart TV ecosystem, allowing OEMs to adopt and power the wireless home entertainment experience. By working directly with leading TV OEMs and system-on-chip (SoC) manufacturers, Play-Fi is making it easy to seamlessly add wireless technology into smart TVs. Over the past year, Play-Fi has been deployed on AndroidTV, GoogleTV, VidaaOS, TitanOS, other widely used TV OEM operating systems, and on a variety of TV SOC platforms.


More Play-Fi TVs Coming to Market

TP Vision has updated select Philips TV models with Play-Fi Immersive Home Theater. Included in this update are the OLED708, OLED808, and OLED+908 lines of OLED TVs, “The Xtra” lines of mini-LED TVs, and “The One” TV line.

 In addition to the focus on smart TV adoption, DTS Play-Fi continues to add new partnerships and products into the fold across its offerings:

  • TuneIn Radio – The audio streaming service providing news, radio, sports, music and podcasts to over 75 million monthly active listeners, is expected to join the Play-Fi ecosystem. All Play-Fi products, including TVs and set-top boxes, will have access to TuneIn Radio starting with the 8.6 version of the Android, iOS and Kindle Fire Play-Fi mobile apps, expected to be available later in Q1 2024.
  • Tidal Lossless Hi-Res Audio – Tidal’s latest “Hi-Fi Plus” streaming tier is now supported by DTS Play-Fi. Hi-Fi Plus subscribers will have access to lossless hi-res audio streams with resolutions up to 24-bit/192 kHz, for the best possible sound quality.
  • Argon Audio – Born out of Danish sound connoisseurs and retailer HiFi Klubben, Argon Audio is the latest company joining the Play-Fi ecosystem. Argon is expected to launch a new connected product line including the Forte A55 floorstanding speakers, Forte A5 and A4 bookshelf speakers, and SA-2 streaming amplifier supporting Apple Airplay2, Google Cast, Spotify Connect, Works with Alexa, and Play-Fi. The Argon Audio Forte A55’s mark the first floorstanding speakers in the Play-Fi ecosystem.
  • Syng – Syng’s immersive audio and spatial mapping technologies use DTS Play-Fi for wireless connectivity. Syng’s object-based sonic architecture can play any format of recorded sound, including immersive formats, and make it tangible by remappng sound to any speaker layout with real-time control of soundstage positioning.

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