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SECURAM to Show Wi-Fi Security Smart Wall Switch Collection at CES 2024

Feature an integrated laser-based motion detection sensor, ambient light sensor, night light, and backlit buttons.

SECURAM has launched a new line of security-focused smart wall switches that will be on display at CES 2024. Originally announced at CES 2023, the switch collection is now available for purchase worldwide. Available in a number of variations, SECURAM security switches integrate into the whole SECURAM Smart Home Ecosystem, allowing customization and, most importantly, security within the home.

SECURAM Security Switches

SECURAM will be displaying the switches and offering demonstrations at CES 2024. You can find the SECURAM team at Booth #:52328 in the Venetian Expo.

Starting at $24.95, the new SECURAM line of smart switches come in three configurations.  The Wi-Fi Security Switch and Wi-Fi Security Dimmer Switch feature an integrated laser-based motion detection sensor, ambient light sensor, night light, and backlit buttons.

The current selection of SECURAM Smart Switches includes:

  • SECURAM Wi-Fi Smart Switch SH-SS01: Non-Dimming, Wi-Fi
  • SECURAM Wi-Fi Security Switch SH-SS02: Non-Dimming, Laser Motion Sensor
  • SECURAM Wi-Fi Security Switch SH-SD01: Dimming, Laser Motion Sensor Powerful Motion Detection

SECURAM has taken automatic motion sensing to a whole new level by stepping away from typical low-cost IR sensors in favor of highly accurate laser motion detection sensors and connecting them to the rest of the home via an internet connection. This not only creates an integration between all of a smart home’s security, but when paired with SECURAM’s state-of-the-art security features, like the SECURAM EOS smart locks, window and door sensors, and smart sirens, the motion detection adds an additional layer of security, notifying the user when motion was detected while the system was armed.

“Motion-controlled wall switches represent a convenient means of lighting control, while motion detection stands as an indispensable element within home security systems,” says Steve Davidson, director of marketing at SECURAM. “We recognized the potential to merge these functionalities into a single, cost-effective, and discrete product, and we have introduced this development with our latest security-oriented Wi-Fi switches. These innovative additions serve as a pivotal enhancement to our SECURAM Guard home security service, further enriching our ecosystem of smart home security products. This comprehensive line empowers customers with a holistic DIY home monitoring and smart home control system.”

 With the SECURAM Guard mobile app, customers can set up, configure, customize, and control their smart security switches effortlessly. Group devices to create scenes, like returning from work to a well-lit home with our Wi-Fi Security Switch. The EOS Smart Lock syncs with switches and disarms the Guard Security System when unlocked with a fingerprint, illuminating your home without rushing to the alarm panel. Plus, our switches have scene buttons for app-free control — press to turn off all lights and lock doors instantly.

The SECURAM Guard Mobile app is available for iOS and Android.

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