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Golf Entertainment Facility Outfitted With SunBriteTV

Assisted by SunBriteTV, FlyingTee is working to take golfers’ swings to the next level.

Each stall is outfitted with a SunBriteTV display Assisted by SunBriteTV, FlyingTee is working to take golfers’ swings to the next level. The new high-end golf entertainment facility, featuring three stories of golf bays, opened in Tulsa, OK this June with a progressive take on the traditional driving range. More than 60 SunBriteTV outdoor displays were installed by Ford AV to complement the golf destination’s mission by delivering swing analysis, course simulation, and ball-tracking information to every bay.

The 53,000-square-foot golf destination has been in development since 2013, when the owners approached Michael Burton, senior account manager, Ford AV, with their idea. The team at FlyingTee has created a highly accurate golf entertainment platform that allows a wide variety of golf games like “darts,” to playing a full virtual round at one of many famous golf courses. Ford AV’s solution for delivering this information to each of the 60 semi-covered bays was 60 SunBriteTV 32-inch Pro Series outdoor screens functioning as heads-up displays.

“One of the biggest reasons we went with SunBriteTV for this installation was because they have a business model to partner with commercial integrators,” Burton said. “This allowed us to develop a strong relationship and know that these products would be supported during installation and after the facility was up and running. We also love the quality and durability of their product.” 

All SunBriteTV models are designed and tested to withstand the elements Beyond SunBriteTV’s affordability and industry-recognized customer service, Burton needed screens that would be reliable year-round in Oklahoma’s volatile weather that ranges from humid summers to wintry blizzards. While the climate-controlled bays are covered from above to provide shade to golfers, they are fully exposed to the rest of the elements. Further, considering the facility’s extended hours of operation (9-12 a.m. on weekdays and 9-1 a.m. on weekends), image clarity and brightness in both darkness and bright sunlight was necessary. 

As part of FlyingTee’s high-tech offerings, guests have the ability to play four social or solo games and 18 different real-world golf course simulations. On the SunBriteTV screens, flags are superimposed to represent each hole of famous courses like Pebble Beach and St. Andrews. For a break in between rounds, FlyingTee’s three floors allow three different atmospheres. Amateurs and experts alike mingle at the sports bar on the first floor; the second floor is a cozier choice designed for date nights and small groups, while the top level is made for large parties and serves flite-style dishes.

The one thing each floor has in common is additional SunBriteTV models for entertainment and lounging. Like their informational counterparts in the bays, these models are tested to withstand the elements and also feature an internal heating and cooling system that guarantee displays work between minus 40 and 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

“There is a hole in the market for quality commercial outdoor displays,” Burton said. “Most of the big-name brands either don’t have outdoor TVs, or they’re expensive high-end retail models that are bright but not fully weatherized. SunBriteTV’s displays will endure to preserve FlyingTee’s return on investment, and they’re even sending us extra protective glass panels to safeguard against rogue golf balls. They’ve been more than accommodating to our commercial business.”