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Grace Digital Shipping SiriusXM Sound Station

Grace Digital Inc. is now shipping a new streaming radio, offering the ability to tune into stations on SiriusXM.

Grace Digital Inc. is now shipping a new streaming radio, offering the ability to tune into stations on SiriusXM.

The SiriusXM Sound Station is designed to complement a space’s décor with its matte black finish and minimalistic aesthetic. The Sound Station features a color display to showcase album art and channel information for easy viewing. Users can customize the music played on many of their favorite channels by using the MySXM feature, which allows them to create a more personalized listening experience, and can also go back up to five hours and listen to certain shows from the beginning with the “Start Now” capability. The Sound Station can play from SiriusXM’s selection of On Demand content, and also gives listeners the ability to pause, rewind, and replay live programming.

Additional features include multiple alarms, sleep and snooze timers, a clock, and a remote control.

Like all radios and speakers in the Grace Digital lineup, the SiriusXM Sound Station delivers full-range sound with an adjustable equalizer. 

“By releasing a Wi-Fi table radio in collaboration with SiriusXM, we’re offering today’s generation of consumers a unique and easy way to stay connected to their favorite shows and channels, live events, concerts, and more,” said Greg Fadul, CEO of Grace Digital. “The SiriusXM platform has drastically increased over the years so to keep on trend with ensuring our customers have a full gamut of connectivity options, we wanted to be sure SiriusXM was on the roster.”

“This terrific new product from Grace Digital offers room-filling sound, a compact and modern design, and a vivid display to create a rich listening experience for our subscribers,” said Dave Horoschak, SiriusXM’s director of connected home product management. “The Sound Station gives our listeners, many of whom listen to our content in the car and on their mobile devices, another option to enjoy our world-class music and programming with high-fidelity sound in their home, office, or anywhere an internet connection is available.”

Grace Digital’s SiriusXM Sound Station is available now for $129.99 at Grace Digital’s website, the Sirius XM shop, Amazon, and other select retailers.