ICE Shipping Entry-Level, Safety-Certified Primal Line

New Cables Come in a Pull Box with REELEX Cable-Wind System
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ICE Cable Systems is offering new Primal CAT 5, CAT 6, 16-gauge, and 14-gauge speaker cables in a pull box with REELEX, a proprietary cable-wind and payout technology that ICE integrates into the box to keep wire pulls free of knots, kinks, and tangles.

“Primal offers many of the convenience features and safety aspects of the ICE line," said Brian Rizzo, president at ICE. "In compliance with UL, ETL, and NEC standards, we’re using flame-tested jackets and full copper wire as opposed to non-certified compounds so commonly found in entry-level offerings. The homerun here is offering product at this price level while including REELEX technology and safety compliance.”

Primal category cables are available now in 1,000-feet runs and in multiple color options. The speaker cable is available in runs of 500 and 1,000 feet, depending on gauge, in white.