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iFi audio Introduces AC iPurifier to Improve System Performance

Active Design Features Unique Technologies to Clean Up Mains Power for Audible Improvement

iFi audio, a Southport, UK, designer/manufacturer of ultra-fidelity desktop audio products, has introduced the AC iPurifier, an active purification product designed to clean up noisy power line feeds. 

The product’s active design is intended to cancel more noise across the frequency range than conventional passive devices yet be simple to install and affordable. 

The iFi AC iPurifier can be used in any mains-powered audio system and is available for immediate delivery with an MSRP of $99 U.S. 

Electrical mains purification products have been growing in popularity for years as the quality of power line sources has declined while audiophiles have become more discerning and demanding. Though purification products have claimed major benefits, the results have been mixed as not all such products are created equal. iFi engineers called on their experience in this area to create the AC iPurifier, which offers the following key features:

Active Noise Cancellation. The AC iPurifier benefits from iFi’s Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) system, developed in-house and now used across the entire iPower range from the iFi iPower to the micro iUSB3.0. It utilizes military technology providing the most advanced noise cancellation available, according to the company. The ANC of the AC iPurifier actively cancels noise making it one of the only power accessories to have active rather than passive noise cancellation.

Wireless Purification System. The Wireless Purification System (WPS) is a complex circuit that reduces power line noise without audible or measured side effects. This is important because other solutions while attempting to curb noise, also hamper dynamics. This is not the case with the AC iPurifier.

Ground Connection and Polarity Connection Diagnostics. This feature detects any missing grounds as well as polarity faults. The intelligent ground feature will check that the existing system isn’t already grounded before its own high-quality ground becomes active. This avoids creating a ground loop.

Intelligent Polarity Detector. When used with U.S.- and EU-type mains plugs, this Intelligent Polarity feature will automatically tell the user whether they’ve got them plugged in the right way for whichever country they’re in. A green LED indicates correct polarity a red LED means incorrect.

Audio Ground Connection. If the user is not sure if their audio set up has a ground/Earth, simply plug the AC iPurifier into the system and it will indicate one way or the other. A green LED means ‘Yes’; a red one means ‘No’. The AC iPurifier will only actively provide a Ground/Earth if it detects the lack of one. This avoids creating a ground loop.

Over-Voltage Surge Protection. For the rare instances where there is an over-voltage spike (e.g. a mains electricity surge or lightning strike), the AC iPurifier will automatically shut off and stop electricity from passing through your system. This should protect your valuable and highly-sensitive mains equipment from harm.

“AC or ‘Mains’ power is one of the most overlooked aspects of performance in audio or video systems”, said Victoria Pickles, head of global marketing for iFi audio. “We like to think of the mains power as the gasoline that fuels the audio system. Our new iFi AC iPurifier utilizes the latest technology with several advanced features yet it is simple to use and quite affordable.”