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Ihiji Announces New Offerings at ISE

Ihiji has launched its Ihiji Vendor Insights Program (VIP), VIP Plus (VIP+), Device Visibility Protocol (DVP), and Device Visibility Service (DVS).

Ihiji has launched its Ihiji Vendor Insights Program (VIP), VIP Plus (VIP+), Device Visibility Protocol (DVP), and Device Visibility Service (DVS). Together, these four closely intertwined offerings aim to provide participating device manufacturers with insights as to how their products perform and are being used throughout their lifecycle. 

Dealers implementing Ihiji Invision benefit from specifying participating vendors’ products, gaining better visibility into device health, cross-compatibility with other products, more robust documentation, and ultimately, the ability to provide more knowledgeable service and support to their customers to enhance their overall technology experience. 

The Ihiji VIP and VIP+ offerings are designed specifically for electronics manufacturers seeking ways to expand on the intelligence of their products to benefit their organization, dealers, and consumers. Ihiji provides integrations and insights to the following inaugural VIP partners: Acuris – Indy Audio Labs, American Power Conversion (APC), AudioControl, Core Brands, Panamax, Russound, Sony, Surge-X, and WhyReboot.

Ihiji VIP partners can gain a better understanding of how their devices are performing, while VIP+ partners gain deeper insights into how products are used in the field through newly expanded data analytics solutions provided by Ihiji. 

“We are pleased to announce the VIP program and to welcome our inaugural VIP partners,” said Stuart Rench, CEO of Ihiji. “These companies are leading the industry in their quest for data-driven product insights to benefit their organization, dealers, consumers, and the industry as a whole. By taking the time to analyze important remote monitoring analytics, these companies are pushing themselves closer toward the ultimate goal of leveraging big data, machine learning, and contextual awareness to provide better customer experiences.”

For manufacturers, Ihiji VIP and VIP+ membership brings the Ihiji Device Visibility Protocol (DVP), the standard allowing smart-home vendors and their dealers to gain rich insights about their installed hardware. 

The protocol, developed by Ihiji engineers, is designed to be easy for manufacturers to implement in all network-based products to improve monitoring capabilities. In addition, the product and engineering teams will only have to implement one remote monitoring protocol across all of the manufacturers’ devices. The Ihiji team works closely with the partners’ product managers and engineers to assist in the design and implementation of the DVP. 

By participating in the expanded VIP+ initiative, not only can manufacturers gain the sales and marketing insights available through Ihiji Invision to all VIP partners, they can also gain access to an easy-to-implement API, the Ihiji Device Visibility Service (DVS), which can be deployed directly on their IP-connected devices. This can relieve organizations of the costs and headaches associated with planning and deploying their own cloud infrastructure for remote monitoring and management.

Through the Ihiji DVS, the devices communicate directly with the Ihiji cloud-based infrastructure without the need for an Ihiji Invision hardware appliance onsite. The Ihiji DVS is a basic API that provides details on device geographic distribution, firmware distributions, online information, and more. An extended API is also available, which can provide more information for organizations interested in deeper insights on product health, usage, and compatibility with other vendors’ products.