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LeakSmart Advances Integrations with Control4

LeakSmart integrates with Control4 Systems to protect homes from leaks, floods, and burst pipes.

LeakSmart has announced updates to its native integrations with Control4 smart home systems to create a fully integrated leak detection and protection solution for home, multi-family, hospitality, and commercial applications.

LeakSmart is a whole-home system that detects and protects from all sources of potential water leaks. Native integration with Control4 includes LeakSmart’s Cut-In and Snap Valves, as well as LeakSmart’s reusable water sensors that are placed throughout the home to detect leaks.

By adding LeakSmart, homeowners can equip their Control4 Smart Home with leak detection and monitor the devices remotely. With Smart Home OS 3, homeowners can even “favorite” their LeakSmart devices for a quick, at-a-glance status.

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