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Luma Insights Platform Adds AI-Enhanced Security to Control4 Systems with New Luma Bridge Device

Each Luma Bridge device connects up to four cameras with the Luma Insights service to deliver intelligent capabilities beyond the cameras' native designs.

Snap One has introduced Luma Insights, a new AI-based surveillance solution for Control4 customers that leverages the power of artificial intelligence to enhance Luma Cameras as well as the Control4 Chime inside a customer’s Control4 System.

Luma Insights - iPhone

The Luma Bridge device comes bundled with a 3-year subscription to the Luma Insights service, which allows Partners to integrate new AI and machine learning features that far exceed the capabilities of their IP cameras and NVRs alone. The Insights service is compatible at launch with Luma x10 and x20 IP cameras as well as the Control4 Chime Video Doorbell, and is integrator-friendly, requiring very minimal setup.

“Artificial intelligence software is creating new opportunities and capabilities across a broad range of devices, including security and surveillance where it can enhance detection of security events and provide greater peace of mind for users and Partners alike,” says Snap One surveillance product manager, Derek Webb. “Our focus here is on enhancing the Control4 experience by delivering new, highly anticipated features, including surveillance-based playback and automatic and dynamic notifications all inside of Control4 using the AI of Luma Insights. Our longer-term goal is to continue making it easy for Partners to update existing systems without needing to engage in costly and intrusive system overhauls.”

Luma Insights enables seven days of cloud storage for snapshots and video clips of surveillance-triggered events that customers can access locally through their Control4 Touchscreens and remotely via Control4 App for iOS or Android. These “triggered events” automatically generate a link and an image of the event, which are both added to a notification and pushed to the owner’s mobile device. Tapping the notification will link the customer deep into the Control4 app, either taking them right to a live feed if the event is ongoing or to immediate playback of the event with options to view more events, go to live view, or immediately share the event. This gives property owners real-time ability to take action or dismiss a notification.

Luma Insights – OvrC - Areas of Interest

Empowered by the Hailo-8 edge AI accelerator, each Luma Bridge device can process up to four camera streams in real-time and deliver intelligent capabilities beyond the cameras’ native designs using the Luma Insights service. Snap One chose the Hailo-8 for its performance, efficiency, and proven integration record with camera systems. The Hailo-8 features up to 26 tera-operations per second, outperforming other edge processors and enabling highly accurate insights with low latency, for real-time alerts and notifications.

The Luma Insights service is fully configurable in just 3-4 steps through OvrC, only requiring a simple and low-effort driver installation process through OvrC and no network setup on the Luma Bridge. The Luma Bridge automatically scans the network and Control4 system and displays a list of compatible cameras that are connected to both. As soon as the Bridge devices are connected and the Partner chooses up to four areas of interest within each camera’s frame for extra focus, the solution is immediately functional.

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When a notification is sent, end-users also have the ability to quickly share snapshots or videos or mark an event as a false positive. The service is smart enough to know whether users have already been alerted of an event, so event aggregation suppresses subsequent notifications, but not recordings.

Requirements for the Luma Insights service include the Luma Bridge hardware and the Luma Insights AI platform are currently only available to Control4 Partners. The AI platform functionality requires a Luma Insights Subscription License (initial purchase includes a three-year subscription), and cloud-based features like remote access, push notifications, and cloud storage require an active subscription to 4Sight cloud services.

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