Legrand Ships Recessed Floor Outlet

Device Features Internally Wired Connections, Eliminates Need for Junction Boxes
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Legrand has launched its newest addition to the Wiremold product line: the Evolution Series 10-inch poke-thru device. The power outlet is equipped with eight individual routes of communication, AV, and power capacity, and is intended to eliminate the need for junction boxes because of its internally wired connections. Users can mix and match devices, ports, and receptacles to configure each of the ports to suit their individual requirements.

“Seven years ago, Legrand patented the invention of the recessed poke-thru. Now, with the new Evolution 10-inch device, we bring this category to a new level, offering the most connectivity of any poke-thru device on the market,” said Mike Cole, senior product manager for Legrand’s Wiremold product line. “We expect the new Evolution 10-inch poke-thru device to be particularly attractive to AV integrators not only because of its capacity, but because of its custom configuration. As an example, it can accommodate a standard, three-gang digital media device, six ports of communication, and four duplex power receptacles. That’s a lot of capacity in one unit.”

The device’s die-cast aluminum covers are built to withstand up to 700 pounds of pressure as well as the heavy traffic encountered in open spaces. Covers are manufactured with a self-aligning hinge assembly and swivel 180 degrees to open. Legrand expects the fully open cover to reduce tripping incidents, compared to other floor-outlets.

Evolution Series 10-inch poke-thru devices are designed with spring-loaded, patented slide-egress doors that shut automatically when the user closes the cover. Aesthetically updated, the cover has a symmetrical design with a built-in handle for access and is available in eight finishes.

The device is UL listed and UL fire classified for up to two hours in accordance with U.S. and Canadian safety standards. It also meets all scrub water requirements.