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Road to Lightapalooza 2024: Legrand

Legrand’s Rob Doherty provides a preview of what the brand will be showcasing.

Legrand - Rob Doherty
Rob Doherty

Rob Doherty, director of business development for Legrand Shading Systems | Vantage Controls, discusses the company’s plans for Lightapalooza 2024.

RES: This is your second time at Lightapalooza. Why is this an important show for Vantage?
ROB DOHERTY: Lighting is the fastest-growing segment of the CI channel, and those who are attending Lightapalooza are highly interested in being successful with lighting control for their businesses. Last year, we were blown away with the response at Lightapalooza and how its grown exponentially since HTSA introduced it. For Vantage, it’s a great opportunity because lighting control is what we do, and we want to contribute to the integrator’s success. It’s our goal to provide home technology professionals and lighting designers with the lighting control knowledge and solutions that will allow them the freedom of design to incorporate a variety of light fixture and keypad components into one project with great ease.

Legrand Experience Center - Lightapalooza 2024
Vantage Lighting Controls and Legrand Shading Systems bring full lighting experience to Lightapalooza 2024.

What will be at the Vantage booth?
For this year’s Lightapalooza, we doubled our booth square footage. In addition to a meeting space, our booth will feature an Experience Room. Here, attendees will truly experience Vantage lighting control in action. Vantage will be integrated with Legrand Shading Systems Dual Shades and Fixture and Keypad Alliance members. Showcasing Vantage’s breadth of control, the Experience Room will contain tunable and static white fixtures from 11 partners in the Vantage Light Fixture Alliance, including AiSPiRE by WAC Lighting, DMF Lighting, Environmental Lights, LF Illumination, Lucetta by Elemental LED, Lucifer Lighting Company, Noº 8 Lighting, Proluxe by American Lighting, PureEdge Lighting, Tech Lighting by Visual Comfort Co., and WAC Lighting. The Light Fixture Alliance continues to grow and also includes Aculux, Colorbeam, Circa Lighting, Q-Tran, Soraa Lighting, and Specialty Lighting Industries. In addition, luxury keypads from Keypad Alliance member Meljac will also be demonstrated as well as the Vantage keypad collections and available Vantage Keypad Demo Case for dealers. Other Keypad Alliance members include Basalte, Black Nova, and Forbes & Lomax.

A key part of our demonstration will be our InFusion dimmer module enclosures. We’ll have two in the booth. One will be set up to allow installers to take the modules in and out so they can see how easy it is to install. The other enclosure will be fully functional and control all the different layers of lighting from the multitude of lighting fixture alliance partners in the booth. This will demonstrate what’s possible with DMX, DALI, and 0-10V lighting control. Installers will be able to play with lights and scenes programmed into our Equinox wall touchpanel.

Installers also will see our Vantage Keypad and Designer Series Decorative Brackets demo cases. These give dealers a beautiful way to showcase our numerous keypad and shading accessories finishes.

Vantage will also be presenting manufacturer’s sessions at the show. What will attendees learn in those?
Vantage product manager Aaron Severtson will present two free informative sessions. On Wednesday, he’ll present, “Welcome to LHUMAN KolorTune: Building a Better Tunable Lighting Control Solution.” This session will be a live demonstration of LHUMAN KolorTune. Part of our LHUMAN human-centric lighting solution, LHUMAN KolorTune offers the tunable controllable profiles needed to create lighting scenes with tested and precise color temperatures. Attendees will learn how LHUMAN KolorTune can simplify what is traditionally a very complex and time-consuming process toward achieving precise lighting control. It will be demonstrated with a variety of lighting products from different manufacturers, so they can see what we mean by “freedom of design.”

The Thursday session, “Digital Control for Modern Lighting: Dissecting DALI and DMX,” is a deep dive into digital lighting control for DMX and DALI. It will get into the nuts and bolts of these interfaces and how they apply to our market. They’ll learn the pros and cons of each and how each affects the design of a project. Come with your questions!

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