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Lightapalooza 2024: AiSPiRE Presents the Four Experiences of Light

Presentation includes the new All-in-One 6-inch Retrofit Recessed Downlight.

AiSPiRE Four Experiences of Light

AiSPIRE and WAC present the Four Experiences of Light at Lightapalooza 2024. The Four Experiences of Light are as follows.

  • The ASTRO Experience introduces the new All-in-One 6-inch Retrofit Recessed Downlight as an adjustable, straight down, and beam adjustable dim-to-warm luminaire from 3000K to 1800K, a replacement option for any traditional 5- or 6-inch incandescent recessed fixture. By mimicking an incandescent lamp’s dimming appearance, AiSPiRE can shift color temperatures and create a visually comfortable and innately familiar experience while still benefitting from the energy savings and long life of LEDs. The ASTRO family offers several options, all in Dim-to-Warm, that are easy to install, including new construction and remodel styles. At full brightness, ASTRO luminaires perform at 3000K color temperature for a beautiful, crisp white light. Dim-to-Warm technology lets you dim to a more intimate, calming glow at 1800K candlelight ambiance, providing a warm mood with gentle illumination, which is great for master baths, dining rooms, home theaters, and more! All Dim-to-Warm ASTRO options utilize TRIAC or Electronic Low Voltage Universal intuitive dimming protocol.

Introducing the Residential Lighting Best Practices Guide

  • The ATMOSPHERE Experience is a line of Natural Tunable White Fixtures for the discerning client as it mimics the Sun’s natural light with CCT ranges of 2700K to 6500K and 1800K to 4000K. ATMOSPHERE luminaires can be programmed to change throughout the day to coordinate with natural light or statically programmed to allow the integrator to select and program the color temperature that best enhances their lifestyle by room or by time of day. Using popular control systems available in the marketplace, along with DMX, the recessed downlights are engineered to fit nearly any ceiling plenum, offering full functionality at any ceiling height. ATMOSPHERE is available in standard 120-volt wiring or low-voltage configuration utilizing the RPS system.
  • The AURORA Experience features an upscale offering of Full-Spectrum color-tuning LEDs with color-correcting optical technology that provides human-centric recessed downlighting. Choose any color you can imagine, including the crispest white light or the softest pastel, with the ability to control saturation and hue and a Tunable White CCT range from 1650 to 8000K. Using popular control systems along with DMX, AiSPiRE controls luminaires that create different moods most suitable for the activity of the hour.
  • The  ALPINE Experience offers luminaires that use Constant Color White Light with either a 2700K or 3000K temperature. These recessed luminaires are presented in various aperture sizes, from the ALPINE Micro 1/2-inch up to the 6-inch, and various styles, including round or square trims, and upscale trimless. Perfect for both remodeling and new construction projects, ALPINE includes downlights, adjustable, wall wash, and multiples with one, two, three, and four lighted elements for larger spaces. Diminutive shallow downlights feature low-profile LED housings designed to fit in tight plenum spaces without compromising lumen output or glare control. Smooth and continuous dimming, including TRIAC, and ELV protocols, are available. ALPINE is offered with Low Voltage Remote Power Supply (RPS) and line voltage standard wiring.

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