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Blackwire to Host Blacklight Design Tool Training at Lightapalooza 2024

Hands-on sessions will teach integrators how to use Blacklight for seamless, cost-efficient, and comprehensive linear LED design.

Blackwire Designs is set to showcase the company’s value-added solutions and expertise at Lightapalooza 2024. The spotlight will be on Blackwire’s Blacklight Design Tool — recipient of the CEDIA Best New Software Product Award and a Best of Show Award from Residential Systems during the CEDIA Expo 2023 — with two manufacturer training sessions where attendees will learn how to design, configure, price, and install custom linear lighting systems with the aid of this integrator-friendly, comprehensive design software.

Blackwire Designs Blacklight

Titled “Hands-on Blacklight: A New Linear Lighting Design Tool for Custom Integrators,” the manufacturer training sessions are scheduled for Tuesday, February 27 from 11:00 AM to noon and Wednesday, February 28 at 5:00 to 6:00 PM. The sessions aim to demystify the process of linear LED lighting design and specification using Blackwire’s Blacklight Design Tool.

Developed by integrators for integrators, the Blacklight Design Tool allows users to import floorplans, sketch out each fixture, and arrange, configure, price, and generate a purchase order and error-free install reports for the custom lighting system design. An exclusive offering available at no additional cost to all Blackwire customers, the tool not only streamlines the entire design process but also handles electrical calculations with built-in error correction, reducing the risk of costly mistakes. Attendees of the training sessions will gain valuable insights into how Blacklight transforms linear LED lighting design — saving time, improving efficiency, reducing errors, and lowering costs on projects.

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