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Luminii to Showcase All-New LED Lighting Options at Lightapalooza 2024

Will be showing the Stenos Micro-Optics range and the Myka Mini Linear range.

At Lightapalooza 2024, Luminii is showing a new LED linear product range and micro-optics solutions that are designed for the channel.

Luminii Stenos Family

The Stenos Micro-Optics Range

Stenos (pronounced /stĕn-ohs/) features an advanced and proprietary micro-optic CSP engine, delivering superior uniform light output, high CRI, and exceptional glare control across a discrete offering of downlight and track systems. Integrators will appreciate the ease and flexibility of the Stenos product range, which covers a wide range of applications for both commercial and residentials spaces.

Consisting of four discreet micro-downlight profiles available in a 1-inch square, and 3-, 5-, and 12-inch linear in both trimmed and trimless, Stenos downlights produce an output range of 250-1260 lumens, include 4 CCTs options, and 95+ CRI. All linear downlight options feature a +/- 30-degree aimable tilt, perfect beam quality, and magnetic beam shaping accessories, including optic + glare control louvers for 15-, 30-, and 60-degree beam options, and wall wash for the 5-inch and 12-inch profiles. All Stenos downlights are field configurable, featuring a constant voltage design that enables multiple fixtures to operate from a single power supply.

Sharing many of the same attributes as the Stenos downlight product range, Stenos micro-track systems are offered in prefabricated shapes including Straight, L Shape, U Shape, and Rectangle, and are available in recessed, deep recessed, surface mount and suspended, all featuring discreetly small 1×1-inch profiles. Additionally, Stenos systems feature a two-channel track, enabling a straightforward setup of two separately controllable zones. Simply remove, rotate, and re-insert the module to change the circuit.

Luminii Myka Mini Linear Range

The Myka Mini Linear Range

Myka [pronounced /mahy-kuh/] boasts a small form factor that delivers powerful performance, using the same high-quality LEDs as other fixtures in the Luminii linear product range, but in a discreet and compact package. Mounting options include surface square, surface round with rotatable extrusion, recessed trimmed, asymmetric trimmed, and an all-new mud-in recessed trimless extrusion.

All Myka fixtures have comparable design features that allow mounting and optics to be carried over from model to model. Additionally, these new smaller profiles share the same technical characteristics as their larger counterparts, like the Kendo and Bosca fixture lines, making Myka a perfect complement to the company’s broader linear product portfolio.

When it comes to applications, Myka fits seamlessly into spaces where larger fixtures can’t. Myka supports many scenarios Luminii’s existing linear line supports, but with some added benefits for trickier spaces. For example, spaces where cove lighting is desired, but the available depth is extremely limited. This includes alcoves, recesses, or areas with architectural features that have minimal clearance for lighting fixtures. And in the case of under-cabinet or shelf lighting, Myka is ideal for installations in extremely shallow cabinets or shelves where a slightly larger fixture wouldn’t fit without protruding or being visible. Further, Myka features a matte, low-glare lens and is hidden from first surface reflections at low dim levels or when not in use.

Luminiii Myka Range in Use

All Myka products are Declare Certified. By participating in Declare, Luminii is committing to provide clear information about the composition of its LED lighting products. Visit to see all our Declare labeled lighting solutions.

Product Availability 

Stenos and Myka fixtures, extrusions, and supporting strip light and accessories are orderable now in a variety of lengths, light outputs, and CCTs. Customers may view the product collections on and obtain inventory details and further guidance by contacting their local sales representatives or emailing [email protected].