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Leviton Launches Internet-Connected Load Center

Latest Leviton Load Center features real-time monitoring and alerts.

Leviton has introduced its next-generation Load Center, an internet-connected system that sends users real time monitoring data and customizable alerts to their smart devices. Debuting at the 2019 NAHB International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas, the enhanced Leviton Load Center with intelligent circuit breakers gives contractors, builders, and homeowners a smarter and safer solution.

The Load Center’s circuit breakers install the same as the standard version and communicate with a WiFi- or Ethernet-enabled data hub located at the panel. The hub securely transmits circuit breaker data to the homeowners’ router and the Leviton cloud. The internet connectivity set up is simple, automatically discovering and sensing each of the smart, connected circuit breakers through the My Leviton App.

Using the company’s My Leviton App, users can:

  • Monitor electricity usage per branch circuit or appliance
  • View usage trends and estimate their electricity bill
  • Set up alerts to be notified when a circuit breaker has tripped and why, or if an appliance has been on or off for a user-defined amount of time
  • Be assured the load center’s smart circuit breakers are receiving the latest firmware updates
  • Remotely turn off a branch circuit breaker to shed loads

All this data will be shared in real time to the homeowner’s smart device, giving them even more control over their energy consumption, alerting them of trips and easing the diagnostic process for contractors.

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