Leviton Releases Apple HomeKit-enabled Decora Lighting Controls

Decora Smart with HomeKit Technology Provides Homeowners With Wireless, Customizable Lighting Control
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Leviton has released the Decora Smart product offering with support for Apple HomeKit, allowing for customizable lighting control using an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple Watch, or Siri. This new family of products features three devices including 600-watt and 1000-watt in-wall dimmers, as well as a 15-amp switch with multi-way capability. These dimmers and switches are all wireless and individually HomeKit-enabled, requiring no centralized hub or bridge to coordinate the accessories throughout the home.

The Apple HomeKit technology in these Leviton accessories improves control of lights from an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Apple Watch. Using Apple’s Home app or the free Leviton Decora Smart Home app, homeowners can facilitate distinctive lighting control settings such as fade rate, minimum/maximum brightness, bulb type selection, and more to achieve the perfect atmosphere in every room. Homeowners can also use Siri to dictate whether a Leviton Decora Smart accessory is on/off or dimmed/brightened, and can even control scenes that include Decora Smart products.

"The innovation behind Decora Smart with HomeKit makes controlling lights efficient and flexible by leveraging only an app or your voice with Siri,” said Richard Westfall, vice president and general manager of Leviton Energy Management, Controls and Automation. “Installation of these Decora Smart products is straight-forward too, making it easy for users to set up their iOS device with Wi-Fi. Plus, with no need for a hub or bridge, the HomeKit-supported solution is ideal for both existing and newly constructed homes.”

Using Apple’s Home app or Leviton’s Decora Smart Home app, Decora Smart accessories can be grouped into rooms and zones, such as a home’s first floor or outdoor area, helping to simplify control for the user. Multiple accessories can also be set up to work together as scenes, such as “Good Morning” or “Movie Night,” which can be enabled using the Home app, The Control Center Home card in iOS, or Siri. The Home app can even allow for the setup of automations, so Decora Smart accessories or scenes can run automatically based on location, time of day, or separate accessory action.

In addition to functionality and compatibility features, the Decora Smart product line features a new in-wall aesthetic. The dimmer hardware features a dim/bright bar placed vertically alongside the on/off rocker paddle while the vanishing LEDs on the left side of the paddle show current and target light levels with real-time feedback. Both white and light almond faceplates are included with the in-wall devices, and color-change kits are available in black, red, ivory, gray, and brown. Optional screwless Decora wallplates are also available for a sleek, matching appearance with existing Decora dimmers and switches in a home.

The Decora Smart with HomeKit Technology products are now available for sale through a local Leviton electrical contractor, Amazon.com, and in-store retail locations such as select The Home Depot and Ace Hardware stores. These products include the DH1KD Decora Smart with HomeKit Technology 1000W Dimmer, DH6HD Decora Smart with HomeKit Technology 600W Dimmer, and DH15S Decora Smart with HomeKit Technology 15 Amp Switch.