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Crestron Unveils Next-Generation Horizon Keypads and Dimmers

New features include deep functionality that is built into the backlighting of the keypads and dimmers.

Homeowners believe a well-designed keypad should be unobtrusive when it’s not in use and completely intuitive when it is, which requires careful attention to everything from the ergonomics of the device to its ultimate fit and finish. These considerations set the course for the new next-generation Crestron Horizon keypads and dimmers, which offer an elegant design with a distinctive tactile experience, improved configuration and installation, and elevated customization options.

Crestron Horizon Keypad and Dimmer - Lifestyle

Horizon keypads and dimmers prioritize clean design featuring improved color, finish, and alignment in visually appealing layouts. Using feedback from homeowners, dealers, and architects, every aspect of the redesign was meticulously engineered, from the single faceplate offering an opulent visual appeal to the subtle button protrusion providing an enhanced texture and feel when pressed. The buttons are also arranged in a single-piece design that improves alignment and consistency, elevating the tactile experience across every configuration.

Deep functionality has been built into the backlighting of the keypads and dimmers, allowing the color temperature of the backlight to be adjusted. The new “dim-to-warm” theme uses the local ambient sensor to automatically set the button backlight to cooler or warmer based on the intensity of the room lighting. To help homeowners enjoy a restful night of sleep, Crestron has eliminated the shine of the keypads, as well as reduced the light bleeds between the buttons and the faceplate to refine the appearance in dark or dimly lit rooms.

Crestron Horizon Dimmers and Keypads – Available Styles

Deep Customization Options

The next-generation Horizon keypads and dimmers are available in the six most popular configurations, from single-button options up to five buttons in a single-gang arrangement. Advanced color control offers visual cues from a distance, making keypads another intuitive interface in the home. When combined, the configuration and color control can serve to further elevate the homeowner experience. Take, for example, a “Security” button that can illuminate red when activated and green when the system is off, allowing homeowners to visualize the status of their system at a glance.

Engraving has always been a feature for Crestron keypads and dimmers, but the new Impress software tool enables dealers to create a variety of personalized engravings from mixing fonts and foreign character support to special characters and icons. Any engraving specified before device shipping will be pre-installed and included as part of the wider bulk-packing process for the entire Horizon range, saving huge amounts of time during installation.

Crestron Horizon Dimmer and Keypad - Close-Up


Dealers with current open Horizon keypad and dimmer orders can convert their existing orders to the new styles, with shipping to begin in May 2023. The new Crestron Horizon keypads and dimmers have an MSRP starting at $350 with prices ranging based on customizations and configurations. Each product is available in white, almond, and black.

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