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Vantage Integrates With Meljac and Forbes & Lomax Luxury Keypads

Vantage lighting controls combine with push-button and toggle switches for a refined smart home experience.

Legrand’s lighting control brand Vantage has announced that its luxury lighting control solutions can be integrated with Meljac and Forbes & Lomax push-button and toggle keypads. Via Vantage’s Design Center software, integrators can program the keypads to be part of any Vantage project, providing smart control of lighting and shading in the room.

Vantage integrates with Meljac Push-Button keypads
Meljac Push-Button keypads

“Many homes and rooms want bespoke craftsmanship while integrating the finest smart home control experience,” says Charlie Derk, general manager, shading and residential controls, Legrand North America. “Meljac and Forbes & Lomax keypads are the epitome of luxury. By integrating with Vantage, integrators and designers can work side by side to achieve a one-of-a-kind, high-end lighting control experience.”

Programming the keypads is simple using the latest version of Design Center. With Design Center, partner keypads can utilize the same programming as Vantage keypads to meet the needs of any project.

Vantage integrates with Forbes & Lomax keypad
Forbes & Lomax keypad

Design Center is part of Vantage’s LHUMAN system, the lighting control solution that integrates precise lighting control with motorized window shading and lighting fixtures to create an interior lighting environment centered around life and well-being. Homeowners can let LHUMAN do the work for them — automatically adjusting their home’s light throughout the day, fully synchronized to the natural daylight from the sun — while making changes on the fly with preset scenes that deliver the appropriate color temperature and intensity to meet their current activity, need, or mood.

To fully harness the power of natural lighting, LHUMAN integrates motorized window shades with Vantage lighting control, allowing users to open their homes to bright, sunny days. Shades can be programmed to automatically raise and lower at any time of the day, incorporated with lighting in preset scenes or manually controlled using Vantage touch screens or keypads.

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