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Marantz Adds Home Theater Receivers

Marantz America has introduced three new audio-video receivers geared to meet specific user needs and expand the realm of possibilities in 21st century home theater enjoyment.

Marantz’s new AV receiver offerings include two Bluetooth-capable models, the SR6004 (SRP: $1,249.99) and SR5004 (SRP: $849.99), as well as the new “Slimline” Model NR1501 (SRP: $599.99), designed to offer consumers and custom installers a space-saving receiver solution.

The SR6004 and SR5004 replace the SR6003 and SR5003, respectively, and are scheduled for availability later this month. The NR1501 replaces the SR4003 and began shipping in July 2009.

Marantz’s VP of marketing and product development, Kevin Zarow stated, “With our new Bluetooth-capable models users can literally expand their home entertainment environment by accessing their music directly and wirelessly from their portable music devices, including MP3 players and cell phones as well as from USB drives and PCs. That means they can now store their music wherever they want and still enjoy a high level of listening through their main home entertainment system from virtually any location in the home.”

Bluetooth Capability for More Flexibility
Both the Marantz SR6004 and SR5004 are Bluetooth capable home theater receivers, designed to work in conjunction with the new RX101 Bluetooth receiver (SRP: $129.99).

The RX101, which is powered by the receiver, is included with the purchase of the SR6004 and may be purchased separately for use with the SR5004.

The RX101 works by receiving audio signals from Bluetooth-enabled devices (PDAs, PCs as entertainment devices, etc.) and sending them directly to the connected receiver, allowing users to enjoy quality sound and more flexibility from their home entertainment sources.

Users may listen to streaming audio from their Bluetooth-enabled cell phones, MP3 players, computers or other devices, including the iPhone and iPod Touch*.

For total convenience, the RX101 may be placed anywhere in a room for ideal reception of a Bluetooth signal; and because the RX01 also functions as an IR sensor, users can hide their Marantz system behind closed cabinet doors and still control it by pointing their remote at the RX101.

Several innovative advancements distinguish Marantz’s new receivers from competitors and make them ideal for use in expanded home entertainment networks.

For example, with its 4-In/2-Out HDMI Repeating capability, the SR6004 allows users to connect two separate displays and switch from one to the other without changing cables.

In addition, the SR6004 features a front-panel USB input that is compatible with the iPod and iPhone, supports playback of MP3, WMA and WAV files, and provides playback options via remote control, while showing music track information on the unit’s newly designed Graphical User Interface.

Both models feature advanced processing and sonic enhancement technologies to ensure a quality listening experience and compatibility with today’s highest quality sound formats, and both support HBR Audio with advanced HBR Audio Decoding, as well as Dolby Pro Logic llz, Dolby True HD, and dts HD decoding.

They also feature a full 10-bit video processor that supports an I/P converter for video scaling to 1080p from all analog sources as well as the transcoding of analog signals to HDMI.

For total future-readiness, both models accept LPCM 7.1 signals from a Blu-Ray player and have dual component outputs, as well as DC Triggers and RS232C.

Like all Marantz AV receivers, both the SR6004 and SR5004 offer a wide variety of features and capabilities that will appeal particularly to custom installers.

Marantz’s new, shallower chassis design (less than 16 inches deep) makes the units suitable for rack-mounting and adds to installation flexibility. Additional room on the backside of the units makes cabling easier and more convenient.

A cursor-controlled menu system affords total ease of operation, and both models feature Audyssey Dynamic EQ, Dynamic Volume and MultEQ Auto Calibration.

The SR6004 and SR5004 also feature the innovative M-XPort, potentially allowing for even more expanded capabilities in the future.

NR1501’s “Slimline” Chassis Solves Space and Placement Issues
The NR1501 was designed to solve the issue of integrating today’s most advanced audio/video capabilities into a home entertainment system without the addition of another large component, which is a common problem for custom installers and consumers.

The super-compact NR1501 solves this problem with its unique “Slimline” chassis. Just over 4-inches high and 13-inches deep, the NR1501 is approximately half the size of most traditional AV receivers, allowing it to fit comfortably on a normal shelf or in a standard cabinet.

Adding to its aesthetics, a contoured front panel combines aluminum and glass-reinforced resins for maximum shielding, dimensional stability, and sophisticated styling.

Despite its compact size, the NR1501 makes no compromises on performance or features.

It offers four HDMI 1.3 inputs for maximum performance from all today’s most advanced video sources, and a full complement of built-in audio codecs ensures compatibility with advanced audio formats such as Dolby TrueHD and DTS Master Audio.

A built-in transcoder lets users enjoy all their favorite composite and component videos via HDMI with a single cable solution.

The unit also features a wideband 3-in and 1-out component switcher for analog-only connections.

For added convenience and flexibility, a front panel 3.5mm connector lets users connect their iPods or other portable devices.

The on-screen display menu simplifies system setup, and a full-function Glo-key remote includes preset codes for Marantz Blu-ray players so you can operate the heart of your system without searching for another remote.