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MartinLogan’s On- or Off-Wall Surround Loudspeaker

MartinLogan has introduced a compact Fresco on-wall/off-wall left-center-right surround loudspeaker.

MartinLogan, the loudspeaker technology company, has introduced a compact Fresco on-wall/off-wall left-center-right surround loudspeaker.

The speaker features a selection of installation options, room-friendly aesthetics, ultimate crossover design, high-excursion, high-resolution bass drivers and ATF (advanced thin film) transducer technology.

Incorporating MartinLogans ATF transducer, the new Fresco loudspeaker is suited for all sound reproduction applications from two-channel to multi-channel music as well as home theater. Designed to match any MartinLogan product in both looks and performance, the Fresco functions as main, center or surround channel(s), either on wall or off wall in both horizontal and vertical orientations. An ‘on wall/off wall’ switch allows listeners to tailor Fresco’s acoustic equalization to any of these installation options.

The Fresco comes standard with a low profile, single pivot wall bracket, allowing horizontal and vertical on-wall mountings alongside plasma screens or any other location throughout the listening environment. Optional installation solutions include a floor stand, center channel stand, shelf stand, and a universal multi-pivot on-wall bracket.

Available in a dcor-friendly selection of faceplate and grill cover options, Frescos matches any plasma screen and the complete MartinLogan product line. Easily removable, custom faceplates will also be available to integrate with contemporary, architectural, high-value interiors. In addition, Frescos high-density molded cabinet is paint-ready for any custom installation

The ATF transducer consists of a micro-thin, low mass diaphragm with an ultra-light conductive aluminum surface suspended between two high-field strength neodymium super magnet arrays.

The product is now shipping for $995 each.

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