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Milo is a Z-Wave Plus Smart Speaker with Google Assistant

The Milo Smart Home Speaker (Milo) by Hogar Controls is a combination smart speaker and home hub that includes support for Z-Wave Plus and adds multi-platform access for Zigbee, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth devices. Milo’s integrated smart hub feature also works with the Google Assistant, so you can ask questions, control devices throughout your home, stream music and more.

Featuring on-board one-touch scene control and a smart home mobile app, Milo leverages the Z-Wave ecosystem for control of smart home devices including lights, shades, locks, thermostats, and garage door openers, and also works with the Google Assistant, so it can stream music, news, weather, etc. Milo can be both a hands-free speaker or one-touch controller of favorite scenes.

Milo by Hogar Controls will be available in Q1 2018 for U.S. MSRP $149 with a one-year warranty.