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Nuvo Offers Its First Fire-Rated Speaker Enclosure

Legrand Brand Offers Option for Improved Audio Performance in Residential and Light Commercial Settings

Legrand has unveiled its first fire-rated speaker enclosure, the Nuvo NV-BRKIC-BC, which meets ASTM E119 requirements and integrates with Nuvo speakers and rough-in brackets to improve speaker performance regardless of where it is installed.

Fire-rated enclosures, such as the Nuvo NV-BRKIC-BC, are required when installing speakers in walls or ceilings that must be fire-resistance rated, which is often standard in multi-dwelling units (MDU) and commercial environments. The requirement is also becoming more common in building and renovating single-family homes.

The new enclosure is purpose-built for use with Nuvo Series speakers and rough-in brackets, but its universal design works with most in-ceiling speakers, delivering the benefits of preventing unwanted sound and airflow between neighboring rooms. The enclosures also help in complying with building codes regarding energy efficiency and air leakage.

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“Our new Nuvo fire-rated speaker enclosure is a valuable addition to our AV product line,” said Fritz Werder, Legrand VP and general manager, On-Q and Nuvo Lines. “It meets fire rating requirements and can also be integrated into projects to simply mitigate the transfer of sound between floors. By maintaining uniform airspace behind each speaker, the enclosures also deliver a noticeable improvement in sound quality.

The dimensions of the NV-BRKIC-BC fire-rated speaker enclosure are 17.9 inches h x 18.35 inches w x 5 inches deep, and they are suited for use with many Legrand Nuvo speakers, including Nuvo Series Four 6.5-inch in-wall (NV-4IW6), Nuvo Series Six 6.5-inch in-ceiling (NV-6IC6) and Nuvo Series Four 8-inch Angled In-Ceiling (NV-4IC8-ANG) models.

Legrand’s Nuvo NV-BRKIC-BC fire-rated speaker enclosure is currently available for MSRP $70.00.