Nyrius Shipping WS54 HD Video Transmitter/Receiver

WS54 Transmits 1080p Content From Streaming Devices, Cable Boxes, Blue-ray Players, Etc.
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The WS54 HD Video Transmitter and Receiver, from Nyrius

Nyrius is now shipping its newest wireless home entertainment solution, the WS54 HD Video Transmitter and Receiver. The WS54 allows users to transmit true 1080p HD video content from streaming devices, such as Apple TV or Roku, or from cable boxes, Blu-ray players, or computers, anywhere in the home without being constrained by wires and walls.

The plug-and-play Nyrius WS54 uses a powerful long-range digital signal to stream content, from up to 60 feet, at high speeds and with low latency. This allows users to watch their favorite Netflix show or offline media catalog in HD without interruption or interference from other Bluetooth or Wi-Fi devices in the home.

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The Nyrius WS54 loop-through wired HDMI output feature visualized The Nyrius WS54 has a loop-through wired HDMI output feature that gives users the freedom to stream the same content at the same time in two different locations—one wired and one wireless. For example, users can view a movie in their bedroom and wirelessly stream that content to a different room in the house, such as the living room.

The WS54 includes an IR extender, which allows users to control their media device from any room with a receiver. Users can change channels, pause/play content, and adjust the volume in their bedroom with their remote control, even if their cable box is in their living room.

Nyrius is also offering an additional receiver, the WS54RX (sold separately), that when connected to the WS54, allows users to seamlessly receive 1080p HD video signals to an additional TV or projector. Users can add up to four additional receivers, without installing wires or downloading software, to transform their home into a completely wireless environment and eliminate the need for additional cable box rentals.

The WS54 is available now for $169.99 at Nyrius.com. The additional WS54RX receiver is also available now for $99.99 at Nyrius.com.