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Pangea Audio Introduces Vulcan TT Turntable Stand

Available in Rosenut or Carbon Fiber Vinyl, it Holds Up to an 80 lb. Turntable and More Than 100 Albums

Pangea Audio is shipping a new, ultra-rugged turntable stand for music lovers who are part of the growing interest in vinyl records.

The Pangea Audio Vulcan TT turntable stand, which ranges in price from $99.95 for basic black to $129.95 for Rosenut and Carbon Fiber Vinyl options, is designed as a complete and simple vinyl solution, providing both a sturdy, low vibration turntable platform and ample storage space for over 100 albums.

“The vinyl resurgence quickly evolved from fad to worldwide trend,” said Steve Niemi, director of global sales, Pangea Audio LLC. “Last year alone, 14.3 million vinyl albums were sold—a solid nine percent jump over the previous year. And, there were 98 million dollars in turntable sales in the U.S., with most being first time purchases or a return to vinyl after years of enjoying other formats.

“The extraordinary, continuing growth of vinyl sales is indicative of a need for supporting accessories and furniture, in particular turntable stands like the Vulcan that are aesthetically pleasing, and rugged enough to provide years of support for consumers’ gear,” he added.

The three-shelf Vulcan TT turntable stand features a rigid, 19mm top shelf platform that provides a stable platform for even the most sensitive turntables. Ultra-strong X-braces support the LP shelf, which adds strength and rigidity to the stand, while reducing lateral motion and minimizing vibrations.

Tapered cone feet with carpet piercing spikes ensure a bare minimum of vibration that is on a par with stands costing thousands more, and the included Mini Sonic Saucers protect wood and tile floor finishes. Optional Add-a-Shelf and Add-on LP Storage kits are available at an additional cost.

Pangea’s Vulcan TT turntable stand measures 27.5 inches high x 23.75 inches wide x 18 inches deep. The top turntable platform is rated to support up to 80 lbs., as is the LP storage shelf. The dense MDF shelves are wrapped in a Black, Rosenut, or Carbon Fiber Vinyl material that is very easy to clean and resists scratching, scuffing, and most liquids.