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Parasound Introduces Upgraded Halo Integrated Amplifier

Parasound has introduced the HINT 6, an improved version of its Halo integrated amplifier.

Parasound has introduced the HINT 6, an improved version of its Halo integrated amplifier. After the original Halo integrated amplifier was introduced, it quickly became known as “HINT” in the Parasound community, and that name is now adopted in the new model. The new model features a Burr-Brown volume control with front-panel display. It also adds an upgraded USB receiver with plug-and-play functionality for Windows and Mac, a second optical input, increased phono gain, greater channel separation, and some refinements to its appearance.

The Parasound HINT 6 uses the same John Curl-designed power amplifier. This 160-watt per channel (240-watts @ 4 ohms) amplifier is based on Curl’s Class direct coupled A/AB circuit topology found in Parasound’s separate power amplifiers. These capabilities are further enhanced with a home-theater bypass function, 2.1-channel analog bass management, a dedicated high-current headphone amplifier, and MM/MC phono stage.

The Parasound HINT 6 volume control replaces the original model’s motorized potentiometer and sliding mechanical contacts with a Burr-Brown electronically controlled analog resistor ladder volume control. The solid aluminum volume knob is supported on ball bearings to rotate with exceptional smoothness, while the dimmable two-digit display shows volume level in increments from 0-99.

The new chassis is available in either black or silver finish, with its the addition of subtle gold highlights and sand-blasted solid aluminum end caps.

The Parasound HINT 6 will ship to dealers in July, with a suggested retail price of $2,995.

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