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Planar Announces New Lifestyle Displays and Elite Technical Services for Luxury Installations

Large-scale HD, 4K, and 8K LED displays feature industry-leading resolutions, ultra-fine pitch MicroLED technology, and 109-inch to 219-inch diagonal sizes.

Planar has announced the release of Planar Lifestyle Displays, a combination of large-scale LED displays and installation services that enrich luxury environments. Supporting large indoor spaces, the Planar Lifestyle Displays premieres with two lines — Planar Luxe MicroLED and Planar Luxe.

Planar Lifestyle Displays

The premium Planar Luxe MicroLED includes professional-grade, ultra-fine pitch MicroLED displays, while Planar Luxe presents large-scale, fine pitch LED displays. Both solutions are designed to deliver outstanding, seamless video performance, while providing customers with a complete package that is aimed at effortlessly enriching luxury spaces. The displays are designed for a variety of uses, including digital artwork, movies, sports and events, as well as gaming, eSports, streaming, multi-window viewing and video conferencing.

With variable brightness and color settings, the leading-edge displays can support viewing experiences in brightly lit spaces with large windows as well as dark, theater-like environments. Premium Planar Luxe MicroLED displays are available in 4K and 8K resolutions and feature high-contrast, high-brightness MicroLED technology. Planar Luxe LED displays offer Full HD, Double Full HD, and 4K resolutions with black surface mounted device pixel technology.

The release of Planar Lifestyle Displays also introduces Planar Elite Technical Services, a new level of Planar service offering that employs specially qualified and trained professionals who are held to the highest standards of performance and professional conduct, exhibit impeccable cleanliness, have proven themselves in the field and received the highest level of technical training.

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The Planar Elite Technical Services offering performs Planar Elite Installation and Commissioning, a new service that maximizes on-site efficiency and customer satisfaction, while honoring privacy and minimizing client disruption. Planar Elite Installation and Commissioning includes fine tuning displays to ensure imagery looks its best in each unique environment.

The Planar Elite Technical Services offering is strengthened by Planar’s North American presence, which makes Planar uniquely able to connect Planar Lifestyle Displays customers with professional product experts across the United States and Canada, in addition to delivering service on demand.

Planar Luxe MicroLED and Planar Luxe displays also include the Planar EverCare Lifetime Limited Warranty, providing customers complete product coverage. For additional support and reassurance, customers can also choose from Planar Elite Maintenance Service Plans or Planar Elite Service Level Agreements, which help extend product lifespan with benefits ranging from priority support and preventative maintenance visits to emergency on-site repairs.

Planar Luxe MicroLED displays deliver high resolutions, are HDR-ready and feature high brightness, deep blacks, and superior contrast. They are available in 4K 108-inch, 136-inch, 163-inch and 8K 217-inch sizes, and include the display, wall mount, video controller with remote processing, remote control, display trim, and cables.

Planar Luxe LED displays come in Full HD 109-inch, 137-inch, Full HD or 4K 164-inch, Double Full HD wide-view 198-inch and 4K 219-inch sizes. In addition to featuring the largest displays in the Planar Lifestyle Displays family, Planar Luxe supports multi-source viewing, offers an installation depth of less than four inches, and is designed for 24×7 reliability. Planar Luxe includes the display, wall mount, video controller, remote control, display trim, and cables.

Planar Lifestyle Displays include a professional-grade video controller to scale and window content with full compliance for digital content protection standards and video performance standards such as HDR10. The family of displays is also fully compatible with a wide range of popular content delivery systems.

Planar Lifestyle Displays will be showcased live at the virtual Planar Lifestyles Live Launch Event on September 1 – 3. For more information about Planar Lifestyle Displays, visit