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PSB Intros SubSeries 450 Powered Subwoofer

PSB Speakers has debuted the SubSeries 450 subwoofer.

PSB Speakers has debuted the SubSeries 450 subwoofer featuring a 400W RMS (1,000W peak power) Class D amplifier designed by sister brand NAD. Housed in a gloss black cubic cabinet, the design features a 12-inch active woofer supported by twin 10-inch passive radiators. The SubSeries 450 will be available in March 2016 for around $1500.

The use of digital signal processing helps to maximize performance: bass extension with low distortion, freedom from overload, and ideal crossover characteristics The SubSeries 450 also includes adjustments for crossover frequency and level, as well as variable delay to acoustically align the woofer properly with the full range speakers in the system. 

The 12-inch (30cm) active woofer is built on a motor using a 50oz magnet and 2-inch (70mm) voice coil for high efficiency and power handling. The treated felt cone offers a combination of stiffness and damping and is impervious to variations in humidity. Combined with a 1-inch (25mm) rubber surround this driver can respond to low frequencies while maintaining piston motion without ‘cone breakup’. To extend bass response into the infrasonic region, PSB has specified two 10-inch (25cm) passive radiators to sum the back wave output of the woofer with the front wave. While similar in action to a ported enclosure, the PRs are free of wind noise or ‘port chuff’ that can be a problem at very low frequencies and high sound pressures.

The SubSeries 450 employs an amplifier developed by sister company NAD specifically for this application. In addition to low distortion, this amplifier features a high damping factor and high current output, two of the most important parameters for tight and powerful bass output. It is also energy efficient and includes a low power (<0.5W) standby mode.

As with all PSB speakers, final voicing is performed by founder and chief designer, Paul Barton, at Canada’s National Research Council.

“Whether for music or movies, a well-designed, properly integrated subwoofer can be the difference between good and exceptional sound,” said Barton. “The SubSeries 450 was designed using the same proven methods that PSB has employed for decades. The result is a subwoofer that is powerful, precise and truly exciting to experience.”