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Monitor Audio Releases Anthra Subwoofer Series

New standalone three-model range features powerful amplification driving the latest metal-driver technology.

Monitor Audio has launched the new Anthra Subwoofer Series, which introduces a trio of high-performance powered standalone subwoofers into the Monitor Audio portfolio.

Through the application of smart acoustic design and core Monitor Audio technologies, the Anthra Subwoofer Series can deliver the kind of deep, highly accurate bass output capable of dramatically enhancing your enjoyment of both movies and music. It’s controlled bass you can feel.

Monitor Audio Anthra Seires Subwoofer

Strong and lightweight, the extremely rigid C-CAM cones have a much higher resistance to bending stress and therefore exhibit much greater fidelity over their entire operating range for a cleaner, clearer more precise lifelike sound presentation.

Rigid Surface Technology II (RST II), the first time it has been applied to a Monitor Audio subwoofer cone, significantly increases cone rigidity, allowing the radiating surfaces to resist the mechanical bending forces that can twist the shape of conventional driver cones, which can distort sound.

Behind the RST II C-CAM high-excursion driver lies a formidable amplifier. With Class-D 425, 900 and 1400 watts RMS at continuous levels with peak demand reaching 500, 1700, and 2500 watts, each amplifier ensures that the drivers are working to their optimum performance levels, no matter what the volume.

Anthra subwoofers utilize an extremely thick MDF cabinet, boasting up to 1.4-inch thick (36mm) external walls and 3/4-inch (19mm) thick internal walls with carefully configured bracing that has been acoustically optimized for extreme strength.


The rear panel on all Anthra subwoofers provides a comprehensive variety of connectivity options, such as RCA with LFE, to allow daisy-chaining up to four Anthra subwoofers. XLR inputs for professional installation options are also included, and they too also allow daisy-chaining up to four Anthra subwoofers. Further to these flexible inputs, there is a full-color display on the rear panel with rotatory dial to access the setup selection menu, which offers consumers the ability to not only undertake a quick setup procedure, but also to connect and integrate any Anthra subwoofer into a wider home cinema system.

Via the in-house-designed MaestroUnite setup app, users can optimally configure any Anthra subwoofer to their individual tastes and system requirements. And if multiple subwoofers are used within a single system, it allows the same settings to be delivered across them all simultaneously.

The Anthra Subwoofer Series comprises three standalone subs, capable of being used on their own or in groups, enabling users to fill even the largest spaces with deep, controlled bass.

Monitor Audio Anthra Series Subwoofers - All Models

The Anthra W15 is the largest subwoofer within the series, and it features a 15-inch (38cm) Rigid Surface Technology II (RST II) C-CAM high-excursion driver powered by a Class-D 1400 Watt amplifier. The Anthra W12 sees a 12-inch (30cm) driver powered by a Class D 900-watt amplifier, while the smallest subwoofer in the series, the Anthra W10 sees 425 watts driving a 10-inch (25cm) cone.

The Anthra subwoofers will be available in late October 2023.

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