Quantum Private Theater Brings Commercial Grade to Home Cinema

New Private Cinema Packages Offer 4K RGB Laser Projection, Immersive Audio, and Specialized DCP Technology
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Ken Hoffman at CEDIA 2015 
Quantum Media Systems's new Quantum Private Theater lineup of home theater packages brings its sound and video system from the commercial level to the home.

The Quantum Private Theater package includes a proprietary 4K RGB projector capable of playing UHD REC2020 Color Space-encoded content, which encompasses more than double the color spectrum of the HD standard REC709. An acoustically transparent projection screen, immersive Dolby Atmos soundtrack audio playback, and quality Digital Cinema Servers, Playback Systems and 4K Up-Res Processors are also part of the package. 

Quantum Private Theaters utilize proprietary commercial-grade 4K RGB Digital Laser Projector housed in a smaller chassis and engineered to produce minimal heat and noise. The Laser Module light source can be located in a distant rack area or closet and connected to the projector via fiber cables for easy installation. Quantum Media Systems technicians offer on-site calibration to ensure proper integration.

While content delivery remains a key challenge in preserving the picture quality of first-run movies, music videos, and other content, Quantum Media Systems uses a specialized format called Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs) and proprietary Quantum Media Systems servers to deliver native and uncompressed 4K content using the motion picture industry standard JPEG 2000 encoding, all intended to elevate the experience, according to the company. 

Quantum Private Theater packages go beyond 7.1 surround sound, enabling integrator-supplied audio systems to play professional-level Dolby Atmos-encoded soundtracks. 

“Those who’ve never experienced a professionally installed, dedicated home theater before may not realize how a commercial-grade private home cinema enhances the viewing experience, but those who have done their homework understand the difference commercial-grade components make,” said Quantum Media Systems CEO Ken Hoffman. “With Quantum Private Theater packages, end-users and integrators alike can be confident that they’re getting the best value for their money, with best-in-class components and content that delivers a home cinema experience unlike any other.”