Sanus Launches Curved TV Swivel Mount

20 Degrees of Swivel Increases Optimal Viewing Range
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The VLC1 TV swivel mount by Sanus.

Sanus has launched a swivel mount designed for 4K Ultra HD curved TVs 40 inches to 88 inches that weigh up to 150 pounds, the Sanus VLC1.

By the nature of curved TV, if the viewer shifts to the left or the right of the “sweet spot” they lose color accuracy and the overall picture quality is reduced. Adjustability helps viewers maintain an optimal viewing experience.

"Our goal at Sanus is to enhance the newest TV technologies, ensuring we help deliver the ultimate curved TV viewing experience with our innovative in-house product designers and engineers," Greg Andrews, vice president of marketing.

The VLC1 swivel mount was engineered with 10 degrees of swivel left and right, increasing the ideal viewing range by 20 degrees, compared to a fixed curved TV. The swivel functionality allows adjustability to reduce glare from lights and windows, which become more exaggerated on a curved TV compared to a flat screen.

Like all Sanus mounts, the VLC1 has been UL Certified for safety. The VLC1 was designed and tested for compatibility with most curved TVs. The VLC1 is available now for $180.