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ELAN Debuts New Lineup of Surveillance Products

Full stable provides auto-configuration, IntelliVision analytics, and speed-of-installation.

ELAN Surveillance

ELAN has announced a full range of new surveillance cameras, an NVR, and an assortment of compatible accessories. The new assortment features built-in advanced IntelliVision analytics for more precise person and vehicle classification plus advanced object detection, which provides personalized and informative alerts to the end-user. Additionally, customers will enjoy newfound security through a single, personalized system, and advanced privacy features thanks to deep software integration. The lineup includes an 8-channel NVR that can be mounted in a structured wiring can or a rack shelf. Along with the new cameras, the system integrates quickly and completely as part of a whole-house or property ELAN intelligent system.

ELAN Surveillance 2

The new array includes six outdoor IP cameras, one 8-channel NVR, and accessories.

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